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Wie lange braucht der Schnitt für einen 20 Min. Film?

How long does the average for a 20 min film?

Frage von ANNfänger:
Januar 2008

Good day dear community;)

we want the Internet for a small series production. First 10 episodes á 20-25 minutes. Now I am doing difficult, as long as I probably need to be cut. One thing first: we do not want a price, etc. win - the cut can be semi. It is synonymous to a sort of soap and no art. Mainly the whole thing is fixed, because we have a few days after the next sequence to rotate. The material wealth I ever follow-on 2.5 - 3h (HDV) is a. Ideally, every week if we can produce a result.

So now I consider the following:

Day 1 & 2: Rotate
Day 3: Matsichtung and rough
Day 4: fine
Day 5: Endschnitt, color correction, titles, audio (external is made), rendering

So, I plan around 3 days (á 6h) for the cut one. Think you, that could fit, or I was totally beside? I have already cut a little experience, but especially on smaller projects. Perhaps it is even in a shorter time? What do you think?

Thank you


Antwort von Axel:

Good, that you do in the run-up thoughts. When it comes to be effective, the work quickly after shooting schedule. Perhaps one can even the timecode of Takes note that saves time while capturing.
Then you might have to be realistic estimate.
Package details, it is difficult, actually impossible, since there are many different approaches exist. And finally: GOOD thing to have now.
Fixed ideas about straightforward concept: The record is expected to double in real lie.
Creative Experiment: Open End. The intersection of City of God took half a year!

Antwort von studio tre:

You can save much time, if the rotation a (pre) Choice of the scenes can be taken, or when the rotating cutter with at present. Otherwise TAG3 is unrealistic because of your already scheduled 6h at least 3-4 to go top views.

Color correction can be very costly synonymous.

It is certainly feasible in the time - depending on how fit you are. (wow, a rhyme * g) But the latter can be assessed here None.


Antwort von Wiro:

noch ne opinion.
The schedule can get around. It is usually mixed up anyway ;-)

Much more important is that script, script continuity vote. The better, the more liquid the Postpro. And with ongoing experience of the proposed raw 2-3 hr. perhaps a little less to be synonymous.
Sets just go.
Good luck and have fun
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von scubavideo1:


I think the production plan feasible.
The big killers are logging time and views.
We have times through a similar project by the camera via firewire s.den was cutting machine. The footage was not on tape, but directly into the editing program added. Was the director of the scene with satisfaction, she was immediately in the timeline laid, otherwise discarded and re-recorded.
Risky, but enormously time-saving!

Another time factor is the Color Correction.
I recommend the set up and for the whole production period eingeleuchtet to (or at least the lighting exactly reproducible and documented).
Color should be so largely automate.

.... hope that helps ...

Antwort von studio tre:

I think your schedule to be far too optimistic.
how many cutter, computer-assisted and did ye?
cut and how much experience?
only the tag 5 is completely illusory to noon s.endschnitt first sitting
5minuten then color and then the sound mixing for another 5 minutes or whatever ...
the day 4, I would still rough to complete the 2-3h material,
the fine s.tag 5 and the rest then maybe day 6 ...
and when an 8-12h day ...
gruß cj

ps. if ye did but in the schedule should create, gratulation.

Antwort von studio tre:

READ my friend, READ!

"Anonymous" wrote:

only the tag 5 is completely illusory to noon s.endschnitt first sitting
5minuten then color and then the sound mixing for another 5 minutes or whatever ...

If external audio is made to stay at least 2 hours for color correction - it's more so a timetable is not in it, but apparently synonymous not required.

Antwort von C.I.W:

2 rotating days I consider it very unrealistic. S.meisten What time does the conversion from one location to another. But when her with 2 or even 3 cameras turns you can save much time.

Computed times with 1 hours filming its movie time per minute. So the 20 hours plus a conversion. Say 4 days, when her 8 hours s.Tag revolves.

I recently did a 20 minute movie in 3 days rotated. The result was not very great and we must still often after turning meet.

But if you only get out of hand turn without light and other gadgets is obviously synonymous s.einem day. Accordingly, the film is then synonymous from: Nullachtfufzen!

Antwort von babalu:

"CIW" wrote:
... Accordingly, the film is then synonymous from: Nullachtfufzen!

This is very disparagingly and nonsense. One can very well, especially with good preparation, in a short time to produce decent footage.

Antwort von babalu:

"CIW" wrote:

But if you only get out of hand turn without light and other gadgets is obviously synonymous s.einem day.

Better and so with an intriguing story as fully styled, to the last armpit hair correctly exposed and barren.

Antwort von C.I.W:

Then you can like Florian Mueller Amateurfilmen.de of society. Because the film takes minutes per synonymous only one minute rotation time.

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