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Frage von Moritzk:

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How do you communicate with a live recording because s.besten such as eg. a concert recording? One sees again and again with Headset's cameramen. How does it work?
Does that has a radio?

I want to future-oriented move in the direction of the concert recording and there is communication between the cameramen or the Directing very important.
What do I need? How much does it cost? Link welcome :-)

Thank you,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Google for "Stabo Radio"

Once the Kameranwas says the micro transmits at the mouth of the channel Singnal else is quiet.

Here I have my views nen Still Image radios had posted.
Headsets I have which synonymous # 383 994

Is not operating radio - which for individuals is simply synonymous with expensive.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Immedia:

highly recommended and heufig me in work ASL Intercom


Antwort von Moritzk:

Okay so it's just not quite so simple ... that this works on a radio ... just as there is special equipment for such purposes.
Can you give me a set it? ... So all in all for 2-4 people.

Thanks and Best Regards


Antwort von dustdancer:

We take time to Thomann variant of this favorable. price / performance is my opinion ok. must only hold NEN adapter and headset to buy.


Antwort von rush:

Just FYI: my knowledge of mobile radio may not be used by anyone or prior notification / approval must be!

The registration and toll-free "citizens' band" is the PMR ... Since there are synonymous, many devices.


Antwort von hofnarr:

market segment in the most favorable:

if need be synonymous for a used "party line" intercom from the event area. have systems in single channel but to listen to all the chatter with user ;-)

pmr446 if it is to be functional:

POLMAR pmr446 smart from China roars, something more than expensive software, but handles pretty decent and can be operated with kenwood accessories (large selection). Listen programming interface is useful to software is available from the network. not a bad price for the device.

vertex standard vx-351 now synonymous made in china, but branded. very robust (in-radio quality, I do not know any more stable in its class) to use, well in the event area. concealment module (language-inverter) can be added easily. programming interface also recommended that software as above. good equipment, I use myself.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

At current prices for PMR radios, which is priced very interesting. If the image is director a Master, however, has no camera man to answer the chance ....

Right makes sense. mE intercom only when there is a synonymous Directing that can see the camera images synonymous. When the radio is not synonymous with relisiert, then inevitably remains a cable. And then you should consider if you do not try to get a wired intercom. Then just two cables of the camera go to Directing.

(In professional systems, all in one cable)

The intercom of video data has the charm that synonymous Tally signals (red light camera) with transfer, the with a s.Beltpack ("Recipient" at the cameraman) attached to the magical light-emitting diode red light shine s.der Camera.

If it is wired, one can synonymous Kopfkörerverstärker and a small mixer can be used (if available and not otherwise used in the production).

Last but not least, you can get on the PA Forum in the DIY section technology background information for the self.


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