Infoseite // How to realize "video in video"?

Frage von raymaker:

I want to play multiple videos in one video .... actually the same as here:

I think the picture explains it s.besten. Which program would that be possible?

This should only be thrown once s.einen Beamer ... I even considered several media players to start in a window and the next to each other, but that would only last resort if it simply no other way.

May To take it even to the point: you integrate live footage in the "placeholder". Around the viewer sees himself as one of the videos? How expensive is it? Would need to 'nen video mixer?


Antwort von srone:

with almost any nle that allows multiple video tracks out, film-forming position and in which of your example you do that then shown 12 times. In such a case would then hd is not a bad choice that you can still see something.

live is just fine to me endemic.




Antwort von raymaker:

thanks .... and how do I do it that I am such a cool "tv-frame" hinbekomme?
as it is scalable to import images, and then set about "the space" of the video tracks? but how will I get the transparency to where the image get there?

image mixer would not be a problem, since it is only day 1, I can borrow one. the school should have a synonymous.
is it difficult to realize that?
would be synonymous only one stream is imported, the other windows will be stock-footage.


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