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Wie simuliert man eine kontinuierliche Bewegung nach vorn?

How to simulate a continuous movement forward?

Frage von Clubnite:

Hi Folks,

I'm doing after effects beginner and must be a task that represents a carsimulartor. for that I must be a movement forward simulate (; from the cockpit view). how to do that? how one represents that the road to a move to the synonymous and even "endless play" as in car racing?

gruß, clubnite

Antwort von TheDrummer:

s.billigsten: the median strip to move - possibly Stones / s.Straßenrand shrubs ...

it should be enough - otherwise yes you can still play in relevant research ";)

Antwort von Clubnite:

Thank you for your response.
research on relevant games ""

So I wanted me for that now, not necessarily even an extra game to buy. With the strip is a bit problematic, because I wanted to simulate a natural stretch (; desert). as does the rather rocky path out. Now everyone has to animate stone individually but certainly not the intention. I already had the thoughts, they can trace the top of run down and loop it. just ... If I need a piece of stone away and wants to create them in the loop of the top run-down, I have again and again in between the "bare" lower level in the building. somehow I get solution to None. how to make the play in? here come even before curves.

Antwort von TheDrummer:

You will, at the creation of animations for L-curve, R-curve, multiple lines, etc., if not overcome it is to be varied.
But I would not move as indicated, the whole area but individual elements - that you can (then looping; expression) and we see no borders.
Of course, you need to advance the animation "loopbar" build so you do not have cracks inside - good PreProduction facilitate your work;)

Antwort von Clubnite:

I would ideally like to do that? I am just about to me in the cockpit illustrator shape. what I would have to create the landscape in mind in order to achieve that, what you suggest?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I propose that with one Helikotper fly through the desert, or to use archive material. ;-)

How realistic is it to look for?

Very unrealistic, you will get it down with afterfx, otherwise I recommend Cinema4D. Until you reingefunden you there, but some time over!

What can I get you to be?

Best regards,


Antwort von Clubnite:


It does not look realistic. It will only be seen and come across reasonably credible.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Perhaps with Trapcode plug-ins? Acts can be very unrealistic, as the ride through a "digital tunnel". I would be a mixture of Particular (; evt for flying smoke, etc.), Horizon for a surface, like a desert, etc., or a sky that is synonymous to move up and down, also 3d Stroke, in order to realize a couple of tunnels Effects.

For more information contact: www.trapcode.com / products.html

Photos and to zoom into a new crossfade ... Of these, I would advise against this because it looks very unprofessional. I would rather draw only outlines, s.ehesten even in just black and white because it looks really cool.

True professionally Du sowas with Cinema 4d can implement it in 3d. You just build a race track and going with the camera on.

What do you want to be?

Best regards,


Antwort von Clubnite:

hello constantin,

it should be a car simulator - without higher entitlements. I look behind the tax over the cockpit to the outside and see the show moving. The focus is on the animation of the show using expressions.

I find it hard to imagine how a modeled into 3d-stretch "forever" can be s.eingebracht after. I mean, if I want to make 2-3 min animation, how long is because the stretch is then that we as modeled. I have zero respect ahnung and experience, and no presentation of the relationships and how do you then include.

finds halt just silly to have a static view of the car too. since one gets the impression not at a moving car.

I wanted to s.liebsten got into the scene of a car traveling very high (; vogelperspektive) get closer and closer towards me and approached me of the back, so come in and make it into the car to the inside of another ride perception. but this is beyond my knowledge (but unfortunately).

gibts because such matters (and the "ride on a road) accident somewhere, and maybe even finished rendered free of charge?

Antwort von tommyb:

It would be easier to build sowas in a 3D program than when doing something in After Effects.

Create a route and then let fly a camera about it - the rest as "the shifting of individual stones" completed the 3D program.

Cinema4D would be advisable in this case and with small tutorial would not be terribly complex time needed.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


With the above plug-ins you can simply create particles, which say that wind comes and zag in front of the particles flying toward you. Then you still build a tunnel or a small landscape that something changes and you can create a trip. How long have you now anschaust the flying particles, is left to you.

Otherwise, I would, as was synonymous TommyB recommended to realize this trip in a 3d program!

And how big this route must sien?? Synonymous You can go round in circles for 2 minutes ^ ^

Best regards,


Antwort von Clubnite:

in cinema 4d forum a user has expressed the following:
If all you need is a way of moving towards the camera / on the car - then why Cinema 4d? This can be achieved with AE but even in a simple texture shift. If you are not a beginner in AE, but the concept of keying you should say something, does not it? AE ready for it yet holds a lot of setting options. [/
Unfortunately, the user wraps itself about the exact steps in silence, and I can not open up, in what form masking could help me here. you have an idea what you meant to, or how well I could use it?

Antwort von B.DeKid:


You can do 2 things

You create multiple layers and animate in AE

You will need to
- A road margins and
- Curves and lateral
- Sky or Background
- Items that you believe in / on the Seiternrand can show such as trees, lampposts and buildings

The whole is then blinded nested "into each other ..... And it looks really like an old PC game. The camera will star and only the images move.

OR .....

You take a real 3D Progi on hand such as Maxon (but what will cost money) or Blender (: what is it for free)

You paint / composing your streets layer and layer for a couple of houses and property

These layers map'st you then land on objects which is simpler than the objects of clay modeling to build /.

Then you lie through your virtual city street a "spline" to (which is a line .... aka Path s.diesem then you can fly your virtual camera along.


As Jung said, with the mask refers to the first proposal .... by keying and Masks You rule the "next" images from s.einander.

I would build it but rather 3 F synonymous because I am fitter in 3D than in AU

All in all, is already working nen bissel be.

Just ask any further specific questions.

B. DeKid

PS: You can now synonymous times in the game programming theme for the Super Nintendo Game Boy or capture, as you'll find a lot on the net because you are good at learning how to animate 2D objects ala "Flash".

Antwort von Alexius Marnion:

you have to use AE for the task?

If so, I would have ne idea:

Take a Picture of ner road.
Take that simple, the upper and lower edge should fit together. say that you put the pictures on (; or behind) another can and it looks like a long road.

Now right click on the picture in the popup menu in "3D Layers" put the check mark.

Now you can with Object> Transform lie the Picture with a rotation of the X-axis (and 90 °) ".
The position of the image is now synonymous three coordinates x, y and z (, so) as in Korrdinatensystem.
With y dus can lie on the ground and already look as though there runs ne Street.
And with z, you can drive through the streets under the Camera ".

And then you can (the same eingstellte level, the first picture to copy your street), and reinsert with the position coordinates, "fix the back." c. how long it will be just.
And now when you call the front of each subsequent levels you just need to place over the coordinates and axes of the first (; and only the first else are you doing to change the arrangement broke) and all subsequent Teiel follow the movement.

At least in the ner line works just fine with curves, you still need to experiment a little. Must you presumably with the Z-axis to match the movement is to simulate turning. But go soltle synonymous. And for n Endlossbewegung you musts the streets together to halt nem circle.

Could be composed in principle, but simply synonymous previously in the streets 2D (; or just paint themselves) to a big picture which is then put "on the ground" and, as required for the motion to move and rotate. Is probably even simpler way.

Hmm objects s.Rand can you be so synonymous with moving the road but I'm afraid looks like a Picture of nem tree so something flat.

Have fun with crafts, habs not check it out but it should work out. Nicth hope it was all too understandable.

Antwort von Clubnite:

you have to use AE for the task?

yes, I do a work for the fold "after effects expressions with" must, in dealing with a primitive car simulator.

Thanks for your tip. will try the same times.

gruß, clubnite

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I think the solution with the 2d-contour, which is passing by s.der Camera very simple. It then looks incredibly "cheap". In the old computer games has become synonymous, the contour, such as a tree that was painted 2d, always to the camera rotated, so that the tree has always ahead of times. So you'd have the tree, while he turn on you can move through 90 °.
Eighth furthermore that looks backward rather blurred and everything darker.
You can on a sun-flare Lense or incorporate light, so you can create shadows synonymous.

I would do it but correct body s.Deiner abstract, then it is art and not intentional "real". It tries to recreate a realistic one, it looks artificial and always fast - sorry - unable to do!

Best regards,


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Because I was interested, I have just added a texture and once tried to build a route. Despite Photoshop Help, where I have already taken precautions, the top of the line (; and stored in huge resolution) did, it's just hard to implement because it takes so many levels that it really is no fun anymore.

I would be interested in your solution, however. When you are ready to show us once the results! =)

Best regards,


Antwort von Shiranai:

Why do you paint is not simply a 2D distance over which the camera hinwegfliegt then in 3D. Like in Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo

zum Bild

Additionally, other 2D levels to adjust for trees, etc. This, however, so they always look for the camera. Since the route is indeed a loop, you can then loop infinitely synonymous.

Antwort von Clubnite:

I am grateful for the many anzreize and notices. it will probably take some time until I put on what, since I do this for the first time.

gruß, clubnite

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