Infoseite // Hum: If my audio cable not shielded?

Frage von Riki1979:

Dear filmmakers,

I just got filmed in a performance. The additional microphone was mounted on a tripod and extra per extension cord connected with the camera.

In a "trial run" before the performance I heard on the headphones an unbearable loud hum. Finally, I removed the extension cord that micro dismantled by Tripod, it linked directly with the camera and lo and behold: The drone was suddenly GONE!

But where can the previous hum be here? Is my extension cord may not be screened?

THIS here is any better: C3% A4ngerungskabel-Stereo-geschirmt/dp/B0016LWBS6/ref sr_1_4 = =? ie = UTF8 & s = ce-de & qid = 1287421520 & sr 8-4

Or THIS: C3% A4ngerungskabel-Klinken-Kupplung-10/dp/B0017NAYWS/ref = sr_1_2 8-2? ie = UTF8 & s = ce-de & qid = 1287421520 & sr =

Or had the hum may another reason?

LG Ricardo!


Antwort von domain:

All 3.5 mm jack cables are shielded, but the shielding has little effect on induced harmful electromagnetic fields. Also, power cables in walls act like radio stations and spread of ripple voltage.
is a remedy for longer cables is only for XLR technology, which basically works differently.


Antwort von Riki1979:

Well: there speakers were very close! But when I got the micro directly with the camera was connected, the hum was gone!


Antwort von tommyb:

As synonymous is the way from micro to the camera just a very short one.

It is not that the interference sources and their noise cross across the area to shoot - they are very close and then take very very strongly s.bis nothing there anymore. Maybe the cable was accidentally directly over a power line was installed in the floor.

XLR is the only way to avoid such things in future.


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