Infoseite // I Effeckt perspective, eye level and beat (with video link)

Frage von Harti03:


I am very fresh in this forum and still have very little experience. Work to date with Premiere Elements.
I would like a short film from the first-person perspective shoot. I have 3 questions:

1. How do I order that the camera is filming exactly what I see, that both of my arms, in the Picture, but I would have with one hand hold the camera. So as I create it?

2. How do I add a slap in the eyes Picture?

3. How can I from the first-person perspective filmend my mirror image, without the camera sees. Have there been some tried with 2 successive levels, but not really working.

Here to present a little help ... video from the film "Crank" ... one minute I begin to perspective:

Thanks again for your help


Antwort von aaVe:

Good day.
That with the first-person perspective could be s.besten with a "helmet cam" realize (just look at Google).
For the mirror scene is I think more difficult because the scene something is moving and not stand still. Eye strike, you mean if the eyelids wince? It's easy with animated gates to realize;). I do not know how I have understood your idea, but I hope I have a bit helpful:)

it greets,


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Helmet camera or breast rack

Super short animated Aperture

Himself from Tripod shooting background eg green or blue, then keyen (cut)
Shooting mirror to mirror on this map (insert)


B. DeKid


Antwort von Harti03:

thanks for the quick reply. have helped me so far well.


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