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I already know the film - about "narrative exhaustion"

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
August 2009

I already know the film - about "narrative exhaustion" of heidi - 29 Aug 2009 11:09:00
Screenplay-) authors will be strengthened, according to a Variety report of the video game industry, hired to make the games more exciting content and more convincing. When searching for more background on this trend, it turned out that he is anything but new (; Variety himself had already in 2003 items
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Antwort von Axel:

A great article worth reading, as one of Paul Schrader (; could not taxi driver!) Otherwise expect.

No contradiction, only an addition: We like it (ie, allegedly *, not below), if we know films "already". So enjoy the reality soap operas, documentaries and computer games growing popularity.

The formulaic plot, however, are often the fault of the writers or the producers, which they instructed (and it was a time Slashcam article about a program that the success of Hollywood shoot-tags should be judged on plot). Original (; Origin = origin does not mean, source) abkupfern originals (; or send in the umpteenth sequel or prequel, remake or spin-off), but produce Standalone, new. In Homer's Iliad is hardly predictable, even if one has seen before Petersen's Troy. Because the story is very varied.

The reason that such an unoriginal fug is produced, is the expectation of the audience. Mainstream fast food stupid (; "Ollie Overwhelmed"), and that should make you aware of the people.

The Movies is not exclusive with the curse of "narrative exhaustion" beaten. The whole life when it is lived rather than reactive adaptation s.The environment is boring. One does not expect that much unexpected happens "(; pass = pass, pass), the world doomsday scenarios seem downright refreshing. The years resemble each other more and more, so they are "shorter" is subjective (and a psychological effect, see eg here).

What you can do about it? Engage in life, look for the fulfillment of expecting something, but new.

Instructions for Movies and Television: to free the head of expectations. Practice patience. The history of their own Erzählrhytmus leave. Be curious. Only those who invested a little, will bring something. Even once a movie, which is believed to be "difficult". The reward will be rich.

Antwort von DWUA:

Yes, thank you, Heidi!

Whether the sigh of a spontaneously occurs to Paul Schrader:
Age-old topic!

Why is it here (; Stillimage / film / television) to be different than in the
Areas of fine arts (; Graphics / Painting / Sculpture / Architecture, etc.)
literature or music?

Not only Joyce said, there is nothing new under the sun - only
the shape is changing. The content remains the same. This is amply
already been exhausted in the Bible, Shakespeare or
French, German and Russian classics.
Ultimately, it is all about "love" and to "power" in any
the countless variations.
What has been already tried everything ...
Goethe designs a new color theory by Newton vehemently
offensive attack. Every child today knows that Newton was right.
Arno Schmidt wants to excel with his "Zettel dream" to "Ulysses", which does not succeed.
As synonymous! So he tried, as a 10-digit logarithms
offer a new form of literature.
The frz group Oulipo to Queneau and Perec
decreases in self-imposed limitations are:
The result is a book in which the letter "e" should not occur.
Ludwig Harig translated into German
"One Hundred Thousand Billion Poems" (; 10 to 14 possibilities left to the reader) for Choice.

Nitsch throws with fresh offal geschlachter animals around him, his
Adept wallow around in it: Art.
Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" is a program. All major and
Minor scales are presented as a prelude with the corresponding groove.
Schoenberg synonymous only 12 tones available, but sounds totally new.

Well, what is called cinema has, to some extent a
"Youngest". With a brutally heavy burden to boot.

The reception research with their theories like there's s.ehesten
Can provide assistance.

We are happy to discuss in the next OT area.
Would lead us too far.


Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

The article is so synonymous highly worth reading, as it with an "I do not know" ends (; quo vadis "audio-visual entertainment). Avatar & 3D adept promised him at least nothing.

The Vollgestopftsein with Stories & expectations s.diese therefore provides "Abknicker": "Take a media-aware person of, say, 30 years of age. [...] That's 35.000 hours of plot. Movies, television shows, cartoons, streaming video, YouTube clips. [...] That's a lot of narrative. It's exhausting. " The views as the center.

@ Axel, here I want - all turning on the left - still add: All this is very welcome indeed synonymous junk food! We pulled them half and half, they fell out. A certain willingness to consume several synonymous predigested content is of course always been, especially since each story - not least Schrader here calls "born with p" [cool, 1 spamfilter:)] - has been stylized as starting 'at the Forest and Nature "To see or what ever synonymous" Ollie's great-grandfather "in the remaining 32,500 hours so everything was (; about reading?). So: (99x schema F-porn & 1x Coen & Co., or "pompous entertainment"; Conversely, Blockbuster) =>, would not that be terrible? Who could digest all that? What you should be happy? We therefore need an implied dietary fiber intake, and it is strategically well not prevent this. All are seen as "fit" for new stories. Association: "LUCY (; not believing this) You want to take me to a kung fu movie? CLARENCE (; holding up three fingers) Three kung fu movies."

What I found interesting furthermore:

Immersed in Schrader's list of counter-narrative strategies - somewhat disparate - to less than "4 video games', 'convergence' effects between games, etc. +" the movies "that people get from an industry-computerspiel bigmovielosen perspective and hardly on the series. It builds a bridge to the Variety article from 2003 (; http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117884809.html) and then remarked, "we" - presumably to confirm the "konsole apt synonymous" - games that "more and more" (; yawn) aesthetically, be styled. Why John Rambo - or, pfff, The Bourne Ultimatum, or at all (;!) Watch action movies - if you - certainly a different medium - has CoD4:

(; Trailer)
(; Intro)
http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2007-call-of-duty/21586 (; "15 years ago")

The Gametrailers link can be thought of as very "real" steady combed long tracking shot, and although a la Lubezki / Children of Men (; # t = 0m43s ). Respectively. yes, it was vice versa: On "movie-feeling" trained, somehow same thing. That - in addition to first-person shooters - not synonymous, most movies, "donate", they had previously to swallow indeed. In GTA 4 is already a "video editor" to "one's own action" on stage (; http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gta+4+video+editor = 4150 results). I recently sat in Terminator 4: These (; self-) entertainment sounds (; synonymous) is no longer so young a set s.wie (but, given the threat of violence to the sporty belipglossten jet-Asian), "we are all against the machines, "without bursting into - Uncoordinated - collective laughter. Still available: "With well-without-need", I would still want to see synonymous Part 5 (, * cough *, see above).

@ DWUA, which is exciting and reminds me of s

Antwort von DWUA:

The theoretical model 'like The Anxiety of Influence "While most
well to our example (above; Arno Schmidt) are true, but in the "here"
and "now" in this connection type, users of this forum
no cause for concern.

On the contrary!


Antwort von Axel:

PC games or movies that look like computer games, or vice versa, the frog king with a black princess will soon conquer the moral dilemma (;???), humanity as an alien planet, all this is only the collective conscience of the work with moral correctness guarantee. It is bleak, because it does not move in the shit. Brisant many films were the 70 who exploited heal the departure from the world of years earlier, and thus - the historic special case - no one anbiederten. "(Soldier Blue"; lullaby) is manslaughter in the original version cut to today in America is not available (;) but not banned, of course, although it is an American film. Once again the old saying of the content that is more important than the form. If the contents are upset, stir, creates turmoil, he can have a formal script quiet one chronolgisches, conventional. Who films not only consumed, may perhaps regret the monotony of the blockbuster, but synonymous find plenty of alternatives that are not boring. The stories repeat themselves, but the story synonymous, and we are in the age of Duckmaus of "The minds'true liberation" (; Hair) is still light years away.

Ollie Overwhelmed switches to draft, if the content is suspect to him, it is then called "the film takes with me." This is stupid for him, because he could again take advantage of (, so). To give him a "red pill" that they would have to hide in a snack. And here is what it is: A snack as a Trojan horse. For if with a deterioration of the majority can not accept that. Films must again be an unreasonable demand (; otherwise) as the amateur films of Slashcam course.

Antwort von DWUA:

Ollie Owerwhelmed is too much of his personality structure s.The
Creator bound, as he s.seinen brother
Ullie think underwhelmed.
This arose after "Silent Hill" cursing out of bed and played
Finally freedom in his lap, "Elder Scrolls".


Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

"Films must again be an unreasonable demand" - until that happens, the film could be abolished so, for example, from one's own intuition. Or you can pump the ax for the frozen sea within us about "alternatives that are not boring" Supposing, then, movies are unreasonable demands - up to here I come, but s.2. Paragraph should stay, I like hanging followed - why & what is s.Zustand the majority (change, btw, I just read Amazon reviews for 'Soldier Blue "...)?

Despite the suggestion of VHS-² would form the self-severance payment (must, if, for example, as a doer, but wants to give prop, red pills). How about - if this is the case - just push to dispense snacks and red pills And just like the Trojan horse into the Hirnbude to: If someone opens after days when the night comes out None will be donated only THEN do not riot? In other words:


Ollie Overwhelmed
(scratch; to s.Kopf)
"Hey, what is?"

Again, no.

Hmm, can remain No. 3: In all the questions that are aimed at the raison d'etre of shooting style, or their agents, etc., is a simple answer of course:
# t = 2m41s (; synonymous class, the fade Oscar winning director, "just in time).

Well, I once followed the first suggestion ...

Antwort von DWUA:

Good advice is not expensive:
Write better tomorrow, when you're sober ...


Antwort von dermarcelistdas:

@ DWUA, you are right. I was just not clear how "the Trojan horse in the snack" at Mr. Oos could come Glutamatsucht any advantage. Well, idle. Take it off.

However, concern the Mache and wh-questions in general about this and there are VSOF you've been reading a lot: http://www.slashcam.de/info/Filmlook-oder-nicht---was-macht-den-Film-zu-dem-was-wir-erwarten--315253.html. Here you can take a lot.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"dermarcelistdas" wrote:
Here you can take a lot.

This was intended as synonymous ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: This is great (for my taste, the subject; psydo moderately) ver "talked shop" - Who is it please the Lord and the Lord Overwhelmed underwhelmed .... None come even with;-P

Antwort von Axel:

"dermarcelistdas" wrote:
why & what should be s.Zustand change of the majority?

Good question. The thread topic has nothing s.Geschichten with a deficiency or narrative do variants, but with a progressive Monokulturisierung the restriction and limitation. Good films are no longer perceived. Good books are not synonymous more. The pallets are sold in a literary genre less demented society as lighters that are interesting, however, often the remainders.

I pull myself just a lot of movies from the 70s (pure; Nachtblende, Trio Infernal, Themroc, various horror-trash), and exhaustion I have to say: Narrative? Blööödsinn! Locks the cinema for new films. Allows smoking (; of all) in the foyer selling beer for one euro a bottle, gave away chewing gum ban popcorn.

But it's true: Who cares about the majority? Itself should be saved.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Axel" wrote:
) .....(; of all, i. ..... banning popcorn.

There is probably a correct spelling .... and NO popcorn erstrecht then that would be silly!

B. DeKid

Antwort von Axel:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
"Axel" wrote:
) .....(; of all, i. ..... banning popcorn.

There is probably a correct spelling .... and NO popcorn erstrecht then that would be silly!

In plain language is about the misanthropy of dementia industry. The identification of popcorn with a bad run of movies the industry itself.

"dermarcelistdas" wrote:
All this is very welcome indeed synonymous junk food! We pulled them half and half, they fell out. A certain willingness to consume several synonymous predigested content is indeed always given.

The public expects "good entertainment". These are no formal aspects, but substantive, ideological. Which all (or we say, be addressed most, the majority), which is a recipe for success, to burgers, to Nachoschale, for popcorn. The Cultic s.gemeinsamen Movies Gucken 2009 is a celebration of self-righteousness and poltical correctness. Even young people can buy their adolescent anti-attitude to the consumption of their entertainment.

Movies has come to a complete coverage with the collective consciousness. It represents, in the form of stories, which is now, 2009 held to be normal. Originally, this was the role of television.

Antwort von ksr:

Treffende statements of Axel!

Nevertheless, one should not flat-rate compensation: the mass market, there was always that he has never served only as wide as today - because he insists so penetrating into consciousness. There are the "other" movies still the same - and not a few. But it's just not the ones of us each and every billboard Cover entgegenstarren ...

(Which, not necessarily pubertal) Anti-keeping is concerned: Their absence is shocking to me already thrown open in the success of songs like "Something remains" of the Conservative-pop makers silver moon ...
They want to change the world anymore (; improve =), but at best, dare to hope that everything remains as it is. Wow.

Antwort von Axel:

"ksr" wrote:
There are the "other" movies still the same - and not a few. But it's just not the ones of us each and every billboard Cover entgegenstarren ...

And nice to someone can seduce. Mesdames et messieurs, may I proudly present, The Thousand and new stories! Narrative Exhaustion? Since I've got something for you, there existed the whole time beyond your plate's rim.

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