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Frage von Mallorcaner:

the following problem i have with-movie
After I digitize analog footage and have imported it into the event Mesdiathek I want to share a clip to thereby out a event such as two to make.
For this purpose there is to share the feature event before selected clip "
However, after executing this function can now split the event
not save the left in the event library under a newly created event?
Hiebei each time the original event completely saved?
Who knows what to do


Antwort von Axel:

If you ever upgrade to a more professional program should, you will before its (meaningful) labels like an ox standing in front of a mountain.

An "event" can have several meanings. It can be a scene ( "sequence") in other NLEs, the whole movie (or, very misleading, the "Project") or just a recording. In any case, the ominous "Media Event" is the box in which lies your raw material, in other NLEs "media browser" or simply "browser". Tip: concern with the arrows next to the camera icon to ensure that the event list at the top left of the Project and down, so you will navigate you in the future synonymous elsewhere.

The uncut material that you have included in the "event" is raw or "footage" and is itself not changed. You draw frames and pull it into your about Project Timeline (Timeline!), Which is the cut . You can even delete from the browser ", but that is only virtual. On your hard drive is before the cut and after cutting the exact same raw material. In the project window, only the playback order is changed. But these changes will be final only after the export ( "Provide"), when a new sorted copy is written, including all effects on the hard drive. It therefore has no effect on the final product, if you split test events or zusammenführst (it helps you more than to keep shooting at longer an overview, in Final Cut Pro as you would a new folder "call of departure" and since a couple of matching clips Reinsch meißen. They are "events": Very unsexy drawers), your movie is just the timeline.

I'm sorry that this is so confusing. It is like trying to discuss a baking recipe, but is in a "dough kneading" suddenly "quantities", and that is still synonymous same word as the "measure" for flour and sugar. Hardy, right?

iMovie is not really bad, except the stupid names of times.


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