Infoseite // If you purchase one at the Magix program a license for 2 PCs?

Frage von roloslash:

If you go a buy Magix program, one must install the synonymous to a second PC, or you need an additional license? How then runs the registry?



Antwort von matthias321:

I am not a lawyer (and therefore can not perform legal advice), but if I am not mistaken, then you close the purchase a license from the same time for a job.

Registration is done online. Your calculator must be connected with the Internet, or you need if your calculator does not have the Internet, to register via a website and get you a code.


Antwort von Markus73:


ruf doch mal briefly Magix hotline s.and then ask. If I remember correctly, is in the private context of use on multiple PCs no problem (but no guarantee). When you activate you simply click on "already activated", done.



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