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Imagefilm Bundesministerium für Finanzen 7D

Image Film Federal Ministry of Finance 7D

Frage von kichiku:
März 2011

Small image film for the Federal Ministry of Finance.
All characters appearing therein are working in the Ministry ...
Maybe a bit long, but the lyrical content had a look ...
have fun

Of ministries often only a few known faces: the Federal Minister and perhaps even his press spokesman. But the work rests on many shoulders and departments, particularly in a central department such as the Federal Ministry of Finance.

In cooperation with Ketchum Pleon conceived and realized a Super promotional film for the Federal Ministry of Finance, which takes a look behind the scenes of the Ministry and are some of the key departments of a human face.

Design, Directing and Production: Super s.der Spree.
Camera / Editing: Chris Caliman
Sound: Christian Weigand

www.vimeo.com / / chriscaliman channels

Antwort von Pianist:

So I'm a little biased because I make films regularly for several federal ministries and always try to present the issues as alive as possible. If the BMF would have such a film and specifically the way through an advertising and PR agency is gone, then it will have been thinking what. I find that the film is overall designed to "advertising", I choose the area of political public relations rather a factual and informative style that is oriented s.journalistischen contributions. So I would not be used for something synonymous Andreas Sparberg as speaker. But I admit that it is difficult only because of the building, the BMF show attractive.

Of course, it is synonymous difficult a topic as abstract as "Money" show on film (though I've seen in the film, no money). Since you have to go any more detours. Hence, the idea was to go over some people, that's right. Whether it but now s.Anfang necessarily had to be the post office, I doubt it. Over the passage with the driver I still manage to make up any final disposition, but such things can be done quite times. I was just really good with the passage of the visiting group and the Minister. So Conclusion: If the Ministry of Finance has paid the bill, then they will be probably have been happy, but my films for ministries look pretty different from ...


Antwort von 7nic:

No one will watch the movie to the end that is not with violence prevented escape from him.
A promotional film shown but the new company, or authority to make nice? For me, just confirms all my prejudices ...

Camera Technically it should be. Only: The voice-over and the protagonists: Seems like all the explanatory text on the back of the form BT INVESTMENT. Uninteresting. Synonymous and the cut is weak. Some sections seem unmotivated, with the aim to show only the amount of the rotated settings? It is not on film, tells us it "babble".

All in all: Very nice movie. You did your job well. But pity for a wasted a lot of potential.

Antwort von Piers:

Overall, chic image film.

Hr. Heipertz I find a little wooden in his language, but if it is a real people, that's quite all right. Since you're happy anyway, if someone has the over brings few sentences without error.

Nevertheless, I have noticed some things that have bothered me in the ZDF documentary. Since there are many relatively long shots, even with filling the canvas linin, you might have your tripod with the camera on top of times with nerve check "external" level. Somehow the lines always come to the right. Although minimal, but have beeen at large plasma, it is striking.
Have a similar problem with my tripod. Level the tripod head says "everything in balance" is, but somewhere between quick release plate, camera bottom rubber pad inside a small wedging. I've NEN new point with markers made on the water balance, which is well in addition to the original selection.

Antwort von deti:

"Pianist" wrote:
I find that the film is overall designed to "advertising", I choose the area of political public relations rather a factual and informative style that is oriented s.journalistischen contributions.

But how objective can be a corporate video? When you consider that the English term "image" is with us for the subjective impression of a person or thing. To say it with Wikipedia: "An image is formed mainly affective reflected on the emotional level and positive and negative associations, with information and perceptions can help shape the other to the general impression." (See http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image)

In this respect I think part of advertisement image film more honest than a pseudo-journalistic style. Particularly unpleasant I find this genre synonymous to the so-called "Podcast sides" of celebrities - especially of politicians.

I find the BMF film's fine - I can think of anything synonymous, what could have been content to do better. He has nothing and is a bit much for the web to lifeless. The beginning reminded me s.den image film about the White House, which begins synonymous in the mail (see http://vimeo.com/5892044). Maybe I should have taken in the chase scenes ... a Steadicam But the wobbling is still ok.


Antwort von kichiku:

jaja been a difficult project ... both turn send it to associates as synonymous with the rather nice and likeable get added ...

But it is clear in my eyes ...




hm with the tripod I now noticed only two settings, but it would check once ... outside of the building to film was beautiful, really difficult without a crane and gadgets ... is very large and huge I somehow synonymous is not always straight ... :-)

should indeed be a film image, but just synonymous for intranet ...
we sometimes say, used more than 18 takes to get some good add ... :-)

Antwort von Pianist:

"Deti" wrote:
But how objective can be a corporate video?

That is why I use so synonymous not the term "corporate video" but I call the "Information Film". People should learn it in an appealing way, for which the respective ministry's there and what impact the work of the Ministry on the personal life.

The BMF does not belong to the circle of my clients, but I would a film for the Ministry of Finance rather start with a street survey, where I ask people whether the euro is safe and what they think about the national debt. And then you can tell by how the BMF works s.der address these issues. There has simply more pure drama. The idea with the Ferris wheel is quite funny, but since you have to let themselves almost to the charge that too flippant to deal with the concerns of citizens and citizens.

So I think yes, that films in the area of political public relations part of the reach of advertising films, but in the hands of political scientists filming.

That's why I've always had good jobs ... :-)


Antwort von deti:

"Pianist" wrote:
So I think yes, that films in the area of political public relations part of the reach of advertising films, but in the hands of political scientists filming.

In this genre I am familiar, but it sounds plausible in every case. As a technician I dare myself with comments on the content anyway very far beyond my area of expertise also ;-) ... And by the way: I'm a Fan of synonymous with the mission of the mouse.


Antwort von Pianist:

"Deti" wrote:
I'm a fan of the show synonymous with the mouse.

I won, so I will describe the often synonymous "with the mouse to show for adults" or "program with the mouse for professionals ... :-)


Antwort von susy:

it all comes across a little dry. the lyrics come across been read. and s.für my taste too many sections, particularly s.anfang.

Antwort von NEEL:

Since Schäuble says that its advertising him as a pretty've done ... the way, is synonymous of the reason why I would not touch something. The only consolation: Fortunately, the music so shit as usual in corporate videos!

Pianist with quote
So I think yes, that films in the area of political public relations part of the reach of advertising films, but in the hands of political scientists filming.

Achso ... You mean political scientists are the better "propagandists "...!?

Antwort von PUDU:

I think the film for which he is very successful. The unconventional settings relax the whole quite well.
I think the average synonymous improvement. Jump Cuts at 2:32 as the act unintentionally funny.
Very unfortunate I think the cigar bands-Typo. Why the Times? Here I would judge me s.den style guide of the Federal Government:

Antwort von Pianist:

Alternatively, you can take synonymous Verdana s.besten black on semi-transparent white background.


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