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Frage von Saftsack:

Hello I realize how to do it in sony vegas to an image area or with a blurred effect to show?

Will it have in two variations ...

Once with sharp edges ... (; Purpose: Will create the 16:9 bars are transparent / blurred look like a bit like frosted glass ...

Second with soft edges, which will be difficult or? (; Purpose: Will a person in the middle of the picture sharp but have Left and Right ... But just so blurred that it is liquid of sharp passes to blurred!)

Would be great if you can herlfen me ... THANK YOU!


Antwort von Georg:

The following procedure:

Video clip twice put on two tracks over each other on the timeline

Apply to the top video clip Cookie Cutter Effect - there you can adjust the shape and size and area of effect (within or outside)

Next, you apply an effect in the plugin chain - such as Gaussian Blur - it acts only in above-selected area (inside or outside)


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