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Frage von jodelwirt.de:
November 2008

Servus each other,

I wanted you times a link to the forum!


Check out the video times please s.and Critical (positive / negative) ...
That would really interest me, because I have EVERYTHING in DV editing, video shooting etc. taught themselves, have no training in this direction.

I would be happy about your opinion, of course, I prefer positive criticism! ;-))


The Jodel WIRT

Antwort von PowerMac:

Terrible crossfades (between Kranfahrten), horrible and senseless (and dirty) shot between 1:02 and 1:25, but the awful crossfades run through the whole movie. Quite bad is the cut at 1:25 of the HT to HT at 1:26, this is a No-Go at the intersection. Furthermore, the two guys as much to be made out to, well, this is not staged. Next, the camera never in balance, but almost always wrong. Skewness preferences are not just for the aesthetic man. The Steadicam shots are all blurred. Between 2:36 and 3:00 like me some pictures. Basically, your spot will disappear under all other image films. Lurid Dudelmusik-emotional, sometimes good pictures, sharpness, shift, boring Claims. The only thing quite well, is the beginning with the annual figures. But that has often times synonymous already seen. Meanwhile, I have already forgotten what happened. Something with metal or something. Halt any Imagefilm. Nothing special, not a great concept, no story, no tension.

Antwort von fokuss:

Jodel hello eco!
I think your clip is very well done.
I liked the impulsive music and the close-ups with the "to sharpen".
something irritierent can I find the time idling but mirroring s.anfang in the top left corner. which does not quite with the displayed chronicle match. vllt you should shorten the clip a little and only the very best settings are purely because some processes are similar in my opinion (complete with an overview of the workshop and storage) and therefore may be considered boring. they should do more of the previous differ. in the shorter is the spice.
by schnittrhytmus gefällts me.


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Quite bad is the cut at 1:25 of the HT to HT at 1:26, this is a No-Go at the intersection.

@ PM, have now repeatedly viewed the body, but do not NoGo ...

Perhaps you can explain where the error is and how it could do better.

(perhaps you mean synonymous transition before 1:22, which I personally find odd)

Yodel @ Host: I think your film will not necessarily from the image films out. For me, a well-made low-budget production, as they often are desired. This well-made.

To produce an outstanding movie, it takes more: Marketing Agency, advertising agency copywriter ... you know, everything that many SMEs do not want and can afford.

Nice to meet PM, which is a great expertise beisteuert, Project s.einem his criticism, I think we can learn something.

Antwort von FabeX:

Find some good pictures that are in it ..

But these soft visors permanent (or something in the art) are too much.
Furthermore, all the rides (if the crane or steady) blurred. But especially of the steady rides will be seasick:)

Oh .. and too long, the fun also.

Antwort von jodelwirt.de:

First, THANK YOU for your criticism! :-)

The camera rides are not really clean has been partially improvised everything synonymous with forklifts etc. ;-))) The camera tracks with the Steadycam synonymous me I had beautiful presented and easily ... As the result, I have seen, I was disappointed synonymous!
Unfortunately it was not the time to make new recordings!
But for the future, I will reinforce the eighth ...

What should I use for transitions because, if the "soft" apertures are not so great?
I have and would like to learn a lot because I have almost no experience and am always happy to receive constructive criticism!

Antwort von Pianist:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:
What should I use for transitions because, if the "soft" apertures are not so great?

A cut is an average. And if one thinks, one must distinguish between two images necessarily Aperture, because otherwise it does not look good, then agrees with what is not there already.

Now once again to your whole movie: This is a sham astrein. You've given a whole range of optical and acoustic effects in it, to create a (s.sich very good) way a kind of emotion, but behind it is no content. So, an almost entirely content-free film. I know that this company makes anything with metal, more but not synonymous. Now I have time on their website as compatriots and me are at least ten ideas spontaneously come for how this company could make a movie.

But as I said: It may be that no one remembers us, except that the film is hardly content to offer, this shortcoming because you very well camouflaged searched. If he likes the client and the invoice was paid, but everything is fine.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

You need to learn / recognize what transitions are and really want to aim and how they differ!

In movies and television productions, professional (not music videos!) Are virtually the only hard cut, the fade and then reduced, nor the Auf-/Abblende of / to black (exceptionally white) is used. Done! (For music videos and so sought artistic crap apply depending on other principles ...)

A crossfade you typically do not because you feel like it did, but because it specifically says something: This is the time elapsed, which I do not want to show the film / can / may. - Example: The hero refuses, After the battles of the evil enemy, s.einen tree, looking dreamily into the sunset and smoking a fresh cigarette. You want to show that he is laaange of his Gehelde must recover and that (for the viewer laaangweilige) time has elapsed. A cinematic probabtes funds would be a slow fade, for example of the fresh cigarette with a red evening sky in the background down to the smoked cigarette with a lot of ash and the night sky in the background. Intuitively the audience knows that we are in the same environment, but that some s.Zeit elapsed.

In addition to elapsed time, a crossfade synonymous crossed a line (which is ultimately synonymous time needed) to illustrate. - Example: The trek of settlers in the vastness of the American West Colonial is in the midday descent from Carson City shown. Fade to a shot of what the trek when passing a ford on the Colorado River shows. Fading to a Halbtotalen what the trek in the evening twilight happy entry into Sioux City, the goal of the trip, shows. With 20 seconds movie you have days of boring, uneventful through-the-prairie-trekking through two crossfades condenses and everybody knows what the situation is.

By contrast, most ingericht continued transition of the hard cut. This is a "now" action taking place piece by piece, mostly s.EINEM scene consistently says. The hard cut is actually turning his head-and-the-act-follow an invisible spectator spot: yours!

On-and dim (of / to black (or possibly white)) can finally be used to movements, possibly coupled with the picking up / completion of a new line of action or period of time, display.

Everything else is cinematic transitions s.möglichen doubtful and will only gaaanz of top directors / editors convincing (and especially thrifty!) Used! Even if our NLEs and PowerPoint here vorzugaukeln try something different ... ;-)

Antwort von FabeX:

Beautiful if it's still people who want to learn from criticism:)

So on the rides again .. I love shots (I analyze in pretty much any Hollywood strip synonymous only the smallest drive and steh drauf:)) Each style funds may not synonymous but are oversubscribed.
In your case, it would have been better on most trips to Avoid a cautious and prefer to zoom or pan must be installed. Better than nothing bad material:)

Well and on the visors: Do not assume (which I presume is not synonymous) that if we (me) the soft visors are overpaid, you encounter any effect Apertures (iris, etc.) rely sollst .-> They are in 99% of cases there is a no-go.
The natural thing is a hard Aperture and the Aperture, I would use synonymous. If the images zueinanderpassen is synonymous aesthetics is not lost. Soft apertures are ok, just not too much.

(Ausserdem.. Of a link in a fairly swivel überzublenden (synonymous where I've seen .. but now tc will not) you should avoid synonymous)

schöne Grüße


Antwort von jodelwirt.de:

The money I get ... Because I work in this company! :-)))

I think it is difficult, by the words of this company to describe! There should be no "typical" Imagefilm be ...
Each of the ring it with Lübbe to do, you can understand the pictures, so it should not synonymous customers are advertised, but the area is much too restrictive.

But with the cross-fades, I will in any case "to heart" and do you think in retrospect pretty stupid synonymous ... S.Kinofilme And if I think something is not synonymous to see! MMhhh because I have not exactly thought! Now I think the film is no longer synonymous soooo good ... :-))))))

Antwort von Pianist:

"FabeX" wrote:

In your case, it would have been better on most trips to Avoid a cautious and prefer to zoom or pan must be installed. Better than nothing bad material:)

Since I have to disagree. The trips were certainly not ideal, but against zooms and pans, I would not synonymous they are traded. Zooming and panning is in most cases synonymous pretty bad.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Pianist" wrote:
Zooming and panning is in most cases synonymous pretty bad.

Since I am only partly agree: the swing is totally OK, Zoom is not! Also OK are trips (including dolly rides, walking with the camera, Steadycam, Kranfahrten, etc.), if they technically can be done cleanly. Otherwise, prefer to leave and with a clean run s.Tripod Camera or shoulder work!

It must be just about what the film actually mind seeing: Basically, a film which shows what we, as an invisible spectator spot itself had been able to observe. Only we will instead stop on a canvas, presenting pan ready. From this basic assumption is actually car, which (for the majority of settings) should be made / allowed and what is not! - The Invisible in the scene, I could turn the head (swivel left / right or up / down = OK) and come closer or soft back (trips = OK). That's it! But I can not for example, zooming (a real No Go in serious film).

Crossfading and auf-/abblenden I can, admittedly, not as a person, but here is stop the movie as an artistic medium, a little of the natural reality to another expression (see my post three messages above) to create.

Antwort von Pianist:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:
I think it is difficult, by the words of this company to describe!

Why? It is very easy, by a round of German big industry to make and to show where all their products work. In between short O sounds of happy customers: "We needed a new manufacturing procedure for a special machine screw novel, as has Lübbe ring immediately for us to develop something." In between times synonymous show how the products are made and everything done for quality assurance is: "Since 1974, the family-owned company is headquartered in Gütersloh Herzebrock at ..."

And always tell by the people: "Hans Meier has been working for nearly 30 years at Lübbe ring. The engine holds masters his head to indicate that each rack is best. Here it comes to fractions of a millimeter."


Antwort von tillbaer:

Hi Jodel landlord,

So I (as a newbie) I look at something maybe a bit unexperienced, as many others. I wait for content after the initiation of any history on an anniversary. The dramatic music tells me, now comes something very big! What this topic (dramatic music) is concerned, I think anyway, you should be a little careful. Fashion seems to be that things will be exaggerated (NTV breaking news: In China, a sack of rice umgefallen!).

Basically I like the movie, though, because he is someone who has nothing with this industry has to do, not bored. The zigfach I have seen worse. Transition of links on right-turn, I find the only no-go. The somewhat restless camera, I can live with - and they probably would not notice me, I would not have the other of them read.

What with me across is: Tradition - Quality - Precision.
And now I understand the times under the slogan "Imagefilm". This is (like everyone) is still better to do, but ultimately he does not satisfy the film enthusiasts, but the customer the company imagine. I think that you've done well.

And as others have said: It is great that you do so directly to the criticism and show that you want to be better.

Antwort von Pianist:

"Debonnaire" wrote:
Since I am only partly agree: the swing is totally OK, Zoom is not!

Pans but only under very strict conditions in order. In most cases I would instead resolve to several pan. So if the swing, and then only with very good reason.


Antwort von domain:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:

I have and would like to learn a lot because I have almost no experience ...

Well, on an average amateur film does your work have a rough, since talent is certainly there. Continue.
Soft Apertures requires only one to complete a certain impact and statement in the film language to achieve or amateur, if not matching clips somehow augenschonend aneinanderzureihen.
For example, when you unique 5-axis jump s.1: 03
Would you with this sequence but deliberately want to express that you do not even know where to turn with the neck before louder buildings first look, it just would rather not cross Apertures there is one, but possibly at the same time cutting pace. But probably would be a pretty annoying Passage become.
Similarly, in my opinion, synonymous for sequences S.2: 11
Generally, such films are informative without professional sound but always amateurmäßig. Without considerable effort in the text and it goes speakers in this area just does not work.

Antwort von Pianist:

"tillbaer" wrote:
I wait for content after the initiation of any history on an anniversary. The dramatic music tells me, now comes something very big!

That was my thought synonymous. When it comes to an anniversary ceremony, and the film runs on the stage before the first word is spoken, then the very beginning in order. Synonymous But only for this purpose.


Antwort von jodelwirt.de:

Man, the excitation are all really good and helpful!
I look forward now to the next project, because I will in any case points s.diese think. When the halt is the problem I do not know exactly what regulations must be observed.
At first glance, and to lay the film is certainly impressive, but I will not reach!
I wish people like you, here in the forum to satisfy ...
One, two well-known agencies had already synonymous to me a certain "talent" in, out, I would already like to do more ...

Antwort von videjo:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:
Critical (positive / negative) ...
... I prefer positive criticism! ;-))

The Jodel WIRT

Like everything in life is all relatively synonymous here :-)
I personally have really liked the video :-) but I am not a professional like you.
And in order to develop, it is certainly good video of this as something people do for a profession to be assessed.
Regardless of the form of criticism, I find it good that there are so many here and write about this.
But again, as an amateur, I say hats off.

Many greetings


Antwort von Bespi:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:
I wish people like you, here in the forum to satisfy ...

that you will at a certain person (which is always extremely artificial) probably never make it.

think in the beginning of the film actually succeeded quite synonymous.

However, I would like criticism "that it has been all but synonymous, where" of the relevant person does not mean much. where it already has everything. a cupboard remains synonymous always a cabinet, but it can be either straight or crooked build.

the next time I would look at the children's diseases, such as the steadycamfahrten sure it will be something.

Antwort von Pianist:

"jodelwirt.de" wrote:
One, two well-known agencies had already synonymous to me a certain "talent" in, out, I would already like to do more ...

Of course, this is beyond question. We discuss here on a fairly high level. You should in any case, your path, the beginning has been made and not bad times.


Antwort von PowerMac:

"Bespi" wrote:
(...) Find in the film for home really synonymous quite successful. (...)

Yes, of course. Interested but no spectators, whether the director s.Anfang or not. The result s.sich counts and absolute and not relative to the career of the creator.

Loser give in and make sure the landlord does not yodel.

Antwort von PowerMac:

I would furthermore argue wiedermal, stories to tell. Tell stories. That is the job of director. In the story, you can then synonymous how the whole shit and sort important information to include. But the audience will be entertained with pictures, wants from (opposing) pictures a story form, follow these constantly and somewhat synonymous with thinking. Tell stories!

Antwort von jodelwirt.de:

"PowerMac" wrote:
I would furthermore argue wiedermal, stories to tell. Tell stories. That is the job of director. In the story, you can then synonymous how the whole shit and sort important information to include. But the audience will be entertained with pictures, wants from (opposing) pictures a story form, follow these constantly and somewhat synonymous with thinking. Tell stories!

That was only being considered synonymous, but the senior chief dared not! I think this idea of stories synonymous pretty awesome and a brilliant example in this area "Porsche"!

Antwort von Debonnaire:


Antwort von KrischanDO:


I have several postings synonymous first and read "Oh weia what comes of a bad movie on leave aesthetics?" Then, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Last week I had my first synonymous with the customer to have been made with positive feedback. Is it not time but before the customer public.

In your film are some really beautifully photographed images. This I write as an advertising photographer - am synonymous newcomers. The view of the micrometer screw, for example
I am bothered by this small fonts - are stylish, but not good to read.
Fahle and the right mood - very attractive, stylish, but slightly depressed.
The fascia instead of hard cuts, I think okay - there is no drama, no reporting, no documentary, but eyes sugar. A video clip. Should be nice to look. Since the music is synonymous okay.

What? The fish must taste the bait, not the author of Angela lines and not synonymous with the fellow next 10 meters left s.Ufer. ;-)

The genre of the film image with you characterize the film. The thing is stylish, but safer than many photographed work of a professional (ie those which by her appearance, begotten in the editing room, on the birth stool and directed by tanning under Arrisun to their true size are mature).

Sure, there are technical and craft balls in it.
But for the first one autodidacts: Hats off!

I would like to know how much time is needed to be searched.


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

"KrischanDO" wrote:

What? The fish must taste the bait,


The I condemn, however, where is this supposed to lead?

Antwort von KrischanDO:

"Kar.El.Gott" wrote:
"KrischanDO" wrote:

What? The fish must taste the bait,


The I condemn, however, where is this supposed to lead?

It could be the synonymous "targeting" call. ;-)

For writers, it could lead to fewer of their colleagues admired, but of the readers will be better understood.
For advertisers is that their customers better products to be sold.

No, I am not pleading for each of their own design and will design their own competence ( "taste") the desires of the subordinate entities.
Intellectual products, their producers, especially after the recognition of professional colleagues strive to go but happy s.den needs of their audiences over. Wolf Schneider has it in his book "German for Professionals" beautifully described.

The approach should be:
"I want my employer's clients / customers say:> class company. Innovative, reliable, inexpensive, because we remain. <"
If one's colleagues Slashcam kiss the feet, the benefits to the employer nothing, but only your own ego.

When I look at television advertising, yes, I must always synonymous with the pulse button, the box out the window to throw s.liebsten equal to the neck of some creative directors.
And I think: "My wife will buy your detergent. How stupid do you asses the women in Dusseldorf really?"

Any passable middle ground between standard and customer acceptance, it is.


Antwort von DWUA:

Picture and sound do not fit together.
So not.
One longs out for at least a little Atmo.
Would not soo difficult.

Antwort von domain:

80-90% of the design effort will focus on amateurs in the Picture and image editing. The O-ton is usually removed anyway and then a darübergeklatscht Music, because you simply no longer desire to further mühseelige work. At best, the music is still sometimes s.das Picture adapted or vice versa.
But without excellent and elaborate sound is never out what special amateur films.
As always, exceptions prove the rule.

Antwort von Pianist:

"DWUA" wrote:
One longs out for at least a little Atmo.
Would not soo difficult.

That surprised me, however, often synonymous. Why do so many of the shooting Originalatmo completely removed? What do the people here? While watching, you would not get off contribution only if the atmosphere is lacking. What you see should be synonymous hear. Is quite clear. Clearly, the mix right, the atmosphere must not be too loud. Synonymous but not too quiet.

I often take a few extra stereo Atmos separately in order to then s.den suitable places drunterzulegen.


Antwort von domain:

One of the Hauptmissverständnisse O-Sound with Atmoton equate.
Of course, the O-Sound is not always appropriate, but there are so many possibilities. From ev matching images of the camera than without Tonrecorder Picture started to flood s.downloadbaren Atmosounds for all purposes.
Humanity wants to be and the same applies in this area especially and nobody does it hurt.
BTW the way, you have the wheel does not always have to reinvent themselves, in honor Autodidaktismus, but often there is lovely synonymous acronyms in Erkenntnisweg when the tips of experts in various reference books, etc. would be studying.
For example, the quantity s.kapitalen editing mistakes in this video actually been to prevent Apriori.

Antwort von Marco:

"80-90% of the design effort will focus on amateurs in the Picture and image editing."

That was 20 years ago times. Today will focus 90% of the effort on the discussion forums on the design and handling ...

: D


Antwort von domain:

Well, that's true even Marco, but it is likely synonymous for yourself with your thousands of posts in various historical situations forums.
One hears from you today so much more what I do as a good sign for the personality development of values.

Antwort von wontuwontu:

Can we know with what kind of setup you've rotated the thing? And synonymous otherwise I would be interested to know how long you have for the Project have used, what design grad, Rotary and postal details are concerned.

Weiter so;)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Interesting that the tide turns and the film is at once more will be praised. I think that the film is still not fair. A professional film is not yet available. For lack a better story, the images should be clean and the sound would not be so, well amateurish. It is just any music, the emotional impact and it is sometimes synonymous doing. But Picture and sound does not really fit together. I do not turn themselves synonymous image films for half a million euros, but you have to say that this film is not synonymous subjective for me, - objectively is not as good as he is of some amateurs to materialize. One can recognize at least increase the potential and is actually much nicer than the pie dough to explain. Yeast has potential, not the cake. Especially if it's still no cake is long. It is maturity and humility to admit a lot to learn. Wrong criticism brings not next. My films are still shit and I know that I learn a lot and must be. This insight, I wish synonymous with the author of this movie.

Antwort von Marco:

There's enough criticism. Then calmly something synonymous with pure motivation. The will - together with the one attached, constructive criticism - much more equal effectiveness in any optimizations.

Perfect films, there is almost no - no matter what budget they have devoured. This one I found was very good, despite the potential for optimization here and there. There may be even some established production company, or in terms of copy.


Antwort von Isekram:

Sorry, but I think the film is simply not exciting .........
not to write boring.

I have really no idea, but the show is very high on me. The images are technically very sophisticated and mature.

Nevertheless, there being nothing. What do because this company?
Screws? Screwdriver? Or is an assembly plant?
Music I find unkondom somewhat synonymous.

Antwort von domain:

So please, this is already rübergekommen. Mechanical engineering, CAD system, parts for car and airplane.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes, somehow, but only very, very vague. Journalistic really is not.

Antwort von domain:

If you have a certain amount of training from the silent era, then you learn synonymous, the better to show pictures ....

Antwort von jodelwirt.de:

Wow, I'm surprised and obviously synonymous very grateful for any contribution! :-)

And do not worry if I get positive news, "lift" I do not like ab! I am of course, because I would like EUCH of "professionals" to know whether I should work next and possibly one or the other times my "skills" can offer?

OF COURSE I will next try to always learn something that is synonymous me aware! I wanted to like this film only once and have evaluated to see how "their" to respond! I have many agencies of films, then I get the corresponding offer and I almost fell from the chair! It is outrageous that some agencies take an enormous amount of money and work very stupid! But that is synonymous matter of opinion ...

For this "film" / "Trailer" / "Spot", as always synonymous, I have summarized 1 1 / 2 weeks! Full of the idea to cut ... Is that ok?
Probably a comment now, "said he sees synonymous of" ;-)))


The Jodel WIRT

Antwort von Marco:

"... If I was next to work ..."

Yes, do that in any case! Your film is predominantly a high level. If such a potential to learn and the commitment does not run dry, the next major steps in the right direction is almost done.

It is quite symptomatic of German forums that negative criticism then quickly hand over notes. Get them in no case be discouraged!


Antwort von domain:

That hand looks like at least 3 weeks :-))
Modest tip of mine: the horizontal panning of willfully always in one direction and the other is constant over the entire film, or a list of sequences, for example, always of left to right. You can be much easier of a movement in the other axis without cutting into it and please do not jump more Amateurton, made up with music, but without the atmosphere and commentary, the time it must be easy.

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Isekram" wrote:
I have really no idea ...

Since I'll probably have to give right!

"Isekram" wrote:
... unkondom

Was'n this? - Gibts synonymous "unpille" or "unspirale" or "unpräser"? ;-)
See synonymous here:

Antwort von domain:

Man you Germans, but must always be synonymous beer seriously.
The Isokram was just getting a little boring, or even more than he has written.
The fact is that Jodel host a very good eye and has not much to excellent videos missing. There is already much intuition exists, the knowledge of Dynamics and figurative design in general, synonymous to the transition between Totale, Halbtotale and large reception and synonymous to Fahraufnahmen and much more, synonymous if they are not perfect yet. OK the Journalism still missing something through the synonymous and favorable general idea and the story.

But if all this without a great job with the matter of his own intuition has come, then hats off.
If it gets as much experience as PowerMac his business, then it could probably produce at least equivalent.

But the mind of man is a winding path.
PM ev noticed already that there could be a rival to grow up and the times you have been in Apriori and germ fighting.

Incidentally Jodel landlord, the clearest and best compliments for you is that included as many PM have viewed the video and to have expressed an opinion. If the total would have been shit, then have affected all embarrassed silence.

Antwort von brendan:

So I do not like this idea. from my view as has been said, very high level, I would as a chef for synonymous "much money" in it!

what bothers me is only the beginning, there is the counter for years left the stage faster than the company's history points, and these are not synonymous to realize they should rather quickly to give the viewer, then a moment will remain (or should we be able to read the garnicht ?) and then swish them.


Antwort von jogol:

The music is more of what Schlachtenszenen.Macht times for big eyes and her
see the troops that are in the dawn sammeln.Für a cool industry far too melodramatic.


Antwort von brendan:

hm maybe you have a particularly large number of war-many of your compatriots in childhood ;-)

true but somewhat emotionally ists already. but precisely for it but now everyone. bouelevardjournalismus the look and the TV channels to:)

Antwort von domain:

That is precisely the main shortcoming of amateur films.
Zero information on Atmo and no spoken text information.
There are no two rating schemes for professionals versus amateurs.
Film is film, no preference of whom, so to speak, as an art form s.sich there is only a subjective (and in the quantity of statements possibly even a conventional objective) assessment scheme by the Convention.

Either offers a video and more extensive information including possibly stirred Atmo Music with still reinforcing, ie more than the rational level, a massively irrational emotional excess, or not and if not, then the video holding times with certainty a modest amateur video or so an impressive break from the filler or the Aquario Meerschweinchenzoo on our public stations.

Antwort von jogol:

Brendan writes:

true but somewhat emotionally ists already. but precisely for it but now everyone. bouelevardjournalismus the look and the TV channels to:)

Does exactly and completely unseriöus.Viel Tamtam does nothing.
A company should focus more cautiously and with some understatement present
that comes to potential customers with something better s.als Wagner Götterdämmerung.


Antwort von PowerMac:

"domain" wrote:
(...) PM ev noticed already that there could be a rival to grow up and the times you have been in Apriori and germ fighting. (...)

No, not at all! I like to train and help out. Just like to do my own films.

Antwort von Isekram:

Yes I knew that not even PowerMac allegedly produced great things that he already is as a reference!

Where there is because these "masterpieces" to see?

In Neuzeit.TV because I found nothing.

Antwort von PowerMac:

neuzeit.tv synonymous everything is shit.

Antwort von derpianoman:

So I found the movie SUPER! Especially the closeups very successful.
What is missing was a target of the Chief, as the company should be represented as. So the "story" that some was missing. Oder was dramatically (by the Music).

If you have at your next Project + you know everything cinematically dare
in a certain direction to move it will certainly be terrific.

Do I have the info on your camera / editing program on the ABC website?
Then there's more of you still do not (publicly), or?

Be sure to stay tuned s.Shooting!

VG! Klaus

PS The yardstick (see Power PC) is VERY high here, what good is synonymous.
But I have been so terrible amateur films that I simply was important to note that your movie in an "interesting league" play.

Antwort von Axel:

I have now seen the film, however, aware of the criticisms are not (yet). Most beautiful, if rarely synonymous perfect shots. With the Music (self-made?) Rather bold, but synonymous thick. The technical shortcomings are the only reason why in the eye, because the film is so smooth, so technically his wants, and generally speaking, you can actually work with the camera happy.

The cut also attempts elegance and perfection to convey. Here is the same, he is wanted, but it is not (quite) skillfully. It is almost never a motivated narrative section, the many cross Apertures round anyway just something for the outsiders Amorphous and next as yet unknown (Florian Silbereisen süngt, the dreamy look glides over Christmas candles, cross aperture, Christmas ball, sharpness, shift, a gold rush Engel). The intro is particularly daunting: Year follows year, and with the company's apparently up (at least on YouTube is the font for the Resolutionzu small, I did not bother me, it could be synonymous is because: The mid-sized craft unsuccessful operation has over the years of following soulless corporations swallowed). If the first few seconds on the acceptance of a film to decide - and I am convinced - then such an animation promises nothing good. Without Forum Corps spirit, I would have weitergeklickt.

This is why I am less impressed than your movie aufzudrängen I tried. He would have been better if the images for the viewer not so any impact would be. And you wrote one of the technology is fascinating, a technology-porn fan. Try it next time with a sophisticated script, and let yourself be discouraged especially because many individual issues are exceptionally good.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Good music
Sometimes jerky pictures

But all in all very good

The laser engraving - and the CNC machine, I want to have ;-) Somehow it have pleased me more than it had on the film as sollches respect.

B. DeKid

* Wobbler, I found not so good *

Antwort von darklord77:

The film is good. 2 things in my opinion, but you could do better:

1. The music is too exaggerated dramatically. (One expects every moment an armed to teeth s.die special unit which comes reingestürmt)

2. Too little. Here are lacking O-tones and / or a spokesman for the comments on individual passages speaks.

Antwort von jaeger:

Where we're on the subject of music are:
Can I buy the music? If yes, where?
Or did you compose yourself?


Antwort von blip:

Note: Miscellaneous relating to "many opinions are better than few synonymous with substantive overlap" and Orthography

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