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Bilder und MP3 Files in Magix Video deluxe einfügen!

Images and MP3 files in Sony Vegas Video paste!

Frage von gbk-crew:
Januar 2006


After my Windows Movie Maker was a little too boring, I switched to Magix Video Deluxe 2006 Pros. So create a normal video, I already synonymous to war, but nu lagging a bit.
I would like to insert an MP3 file to any "bass beat" a Picture. So, now I do not know how I can insert an audio file let alone a Picture. When Movie Maker, it was still pretty easy.

Would be cool if I could help because somebody!

Antwort von Lawrence:

can not remember exactly how the 2006 version looks like, because I have the 2003/2004er version.
But the view of the program split themselves into:
. left corner - Preview Window
. right up - the 'Browser', where you can track, visors, etc see Takes
. lower region - the area where you can edit the video

The browser right up there, because you can browse between folders etc synonymous around the hard drive. Simply the Delete button (above the Enter button), press to go one directory and then you can then click on the paths. As the Explorer of Windows. And since you then find the pictures and MP3s that you want to import and draw them down into the lines where your video is.

Hope it is understandable.

Antwort von gbk-crew:

After nem bit'm looking ichs found, thank you.

Have there's another question: Is it possible to enlarge the storyboard? So gibts ne Lube or the like. I get that with the pictures never carefully:


Antwort von Lawrence:

The storyboard you can not zoom. Why synonymous? Work but rather with the timeline is much more convenient and intuitive, and they can also zoom still synonymous with the '+' s.rechten bottom.
Because the pictures: but already looks quite good. Thus, the now synonymous still fits exactly, use the Timeline mode and enlarge the traces with the +. Because then you can see exactly where you can insert the pictures for how long. Or you had already made in the timeline mode? Because I do not know how to do something in the Storyboard mode;)

Antwort von gbk-crew:


oops, had confused the storyboard with the timeline. Yes, so I've been working all the time. I am testing the sign of the times with pros, klabt mal gucken obs

Antwort von gbk-crew:

so now I do not come next
how can I in a besteimmten body herrasetzen the sound of the piece? How can I sell the complete volume, I know

how do I get the video onto a "normal" size, 41MB for 30 seconds is lots of it!

Antwort von Lawrence:

Do you think that you want to have the sound s.bestimmten points weaker?
OK, look at the sound in the timeline: In the middle of which you will find a line that is pulled through the beginning of the end. The line has ever s.Anfang, in the middle and a handle s.end. Click once at the far left as s.Anfang handle on it of the piece with the left mouse button, hold it down and then pull to the right. As you see, creates something like a slope. The call can be synonymous fade-in. Stop it you just is not enough time, adding it to play. The piece of music is, until this line reaches its pitch point, louder and louder.
And so it is you when you edit the line in the middle. Click on the handle in the middle and pull it down. You see, the entire music file is obviously smaller. That is, it is quieter. You prefer point (handle) s.der line or the line itself up, it goes up, the piece of music is getting louder.
Now, if you want to make only a certain range louder softer /, but then simply divide the piece of music just like a video in which you, the red line (white all the concepts no longer ^ ^) to pull to the point where the piece of music up / to be quieter. Now, you 't press') (edit / cut objects to share the file there. Then you go out there, how far it louder / should be quieter and will share the file again. So you have a separate part somewhere in the middle of the center, whose volume you can now change completely independently of the other two parts. Now you can with this piece so proceed as described above.

You want a smaller file, so a smaller film have in relation to the amount of data? Then times rendere as MPEG video:
File / Export Movie / video as MPEG video
Otherwise, use time as a DIVX codec. You need time to google, looking for here or in any other forum, there are already many issues relating to codecs and data compression.

Antwort von gbk-crew:

hey, cool, thanks, it works!

Yes exactly, wants to have the file smaller. That with the Export and save it as MPEG video, I'm so gemahct and then that's become so damn rieig. How many frames ottt I get? Wa nen for Verhältni oer such as unit? Will there abpielen only on the PC!

Antwort von Lawrence:

Can you please formulate clear again, not a word I understood;)

Antwort von gbk-crew:

oop, as well clipped a couple of buttons:)

So, I want my video to bring to a suitable size (approx. 10 MB). At present it is still 30 MB in size, although it has only about 1.20 minutes running time. I would prefer if I could save it as MPEG. Now I stop mechanism to know where I could make cuts. Quality must be not the best, because the main thing we see no webcam quality.

Now understand what I mean?

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