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Frage von sunlite:

Hi everybody,

came across on Youtube at the following video.

The intro of Ran, which is the first 2-3 seconds of video, I would like to try to recreate. Only I have no idea how should I begin s.Besten.
I had typed to After Effects and Trapcode Particles. Does anyone of you an idea where you could start there, or how how to implement it?

Thank you and
best regards


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Grab NEN 3D progi

Sit ne Typo

Useful for particle emitters

And you have what you're looking for


The hands you a suggestion or want to explain the depth will then go to the young cooks Although synonymous only with water but he does his stuff all right over, although not uptodate but still.


B. DeKid

PS: So what we did back then on nem Amiga substantially more complex than any program in today ;-))

can But who today still something that can now feed his dogs ;-)


Antwort von soahC:

As well anyone no idea how much work has ran the intro was built. You might get through the small section of the link with AE, and because it already will not be easy. The entire spot is very much more.
Here's the spot on the homepage of the League 01, who made the spot. Have fun ... # fvl


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