Infoseite // Import and Apple ProRes in Premiere CS5 (PC)?

Frage von mannamanna:

the title says it all ;-)
Actually, yes, a new QuickTime installer from Apple ProRes codec to make system-wide available, but unfortunately it does not ....

Thanks for tips!
Manna Manna


Antwort von flashpointstudio:

I do not think that the ProRes codecs are in a normal QuickTime installer with it.
For Final Cut Studio, yes. Perhaps even more synonymous with Final Cut Express ...



Antwort von Axel:

I heard that in SnowLeo ProRes QT is integrated in, but I can not check right now, I and Final Cut Pro have Snowleo (you can check without Final Cut Pro through> System> Library> Quicktime> Apple ProRes Component).

Snowleo concerns of course, no PC. For Windows (and, as of 2008, grubby-Leo-time synonymous OSX) there is the free decoder .

Adobe on a road show for which I was responsible for event equipment, Premiere CS5 was presented. It was about new features. One of the moderators, not the powerful Germans, raised his hands and whispered: "And finally, get this: ProRes!" Applause in the audience. Already CS4 ProRes could import, but of course not render it. What should be the news? Can you maybe create a ProRes desktop project and export synonymous so? I have to go ask my buddy, but maybe someone knows of you ...


Antwort von Angry_C:

Just wonder who would use today for CS5, thanks to Mercury Engine, even ProRes.


Antwort von Axel:

"Angry_C" wrote: Just wonder who would use today for CS5, thanks to Mercury Engine, even ProRes.

First, in order to process material of a Mac (it happens, but added, exotic).

The following comes from the next thread "AVCHD how to handle?"
"Joerg" wrote: Normally, I walk the AVC in DVCProHD material, especially if AE is to come into play.

Natively renders in AAE None was in AVCHD, nor in most other consumer codecs. ProRes would be something better than DVCProHD.


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