Infoseite // Import of a Nikon D7000 Mov. files in Avid MC 4.0

Frage von snowcat:


although I have read in the forum much, I'm not in the end came across the solution to my problem.

I have the following concerns:
A customer gave me a DVD with several files in the H.264 format Mov. 1920x1080 16.7 million
Film 23.98 fps
Data rate 19 Mbit / s

When importing the MC 4.0 I have both formats 1080p/25 as synonymous with the codec 1080i/50 XDCAM HD 50Mbit / s is used.
The problem is that the colors in Comparison to the original will appear very weak and burn the flares, more nanostructure show. (I've nocolor Correction made.)
As an export setting I was using Sorensen Squeeze.
Can anyone give a hint on what the difference could be due to the original?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von rush:


have you ever the way through Quicktime Pro tried?

Say - a mov of D7000 open in Quicktime Pro and then save again as egenständigen film .. this will take depending on the clip size for a moment to a few seconds.
How things looked then after the import?

I do not work with the MC, can therefore say nothing about it ...

May take up here but occasionally discussed gamma shift problem. I have there is no link handy but look if you can find in what direction.


Antwort von dienstag_01:

In Avid MC can be selected in the Import Settings the color space (RGB or 601/709). Just try it.


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