Infoseite // Importing Avid Media Files (DV PAL) in Premiere Pro CS4??

Frage von Ruiner:

I need to continue with a sudden cut-project that was started in AVID MEDIA COMPOSER. Since I've never worked with AVID, I would like to continue working with Premiere Pro CS4.

Is there any way to the video data (MXF and AIFF) to import into premiere ?????

The material is DV-PAL. It is just under 60 hours material I do not want to again capture ...
It would be best to import the material with the original time code.
If I "cut project" does not have is not so important, because much had not been cut. But there are many lists (interview transcriptions, etc) with timecode data ...

Can anyone help me??

Thank you,


Antwort von handiro:

I think the only chance you have when it is exported on an Avid system ...... in QT and then import it into CS4.
Another option I do not know.
If someone has a better tip I would be interested to synonymous!


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