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Frage von De_Michl:


now I have gained me an iMac and would like to edit my files. This drive as I have. M2ts file on my external hard. Does anyone know nen way to import into iMovie 09?


Antwort von DigitallyDone:

A similar problem, I would like to know synonymous ... :)

Hab ne Canon HF100 and have filmed for ne-lapse photography by 2.6 std s.Stück ... iMovie would not import (apparently because bigger than 2gb per contiguous film)
Did with "TSSplitter" divided into four parts with both 1.6 gb ...

Problem is thus the same as with the previous speaker.
How do we get the imported but still?

['ve iMovie'09, macbook with snow leo, windows 7 pc synonymous available]


Antwort von Jott:

For AVCHD import to iMovie and Final Cut Pro synonymous (well) it does the complete file structure, which was created in the camera. So connect camera and import. Lack the data structure (common error) when backing up, which is bad, then you have to convert only external views in a Quicktime format.

Tools for this include: Toast 9 / 10, Videopi.


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