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Frage von JayMotte:

Perhaps someone can help me. I think that some tried and do not come next simple.

Have a NAS installed in the house and connected by a network cable s.meinen Panasonic TV and s.meine PS3. On the NAS Twonkey running the latest version.

The new I import the video clips on my laptop of my Sony camcorder (HDR-CX520) and would renounce on the NAS, I can see on the PS3. On the Panasonic can not be done. Here, I suspect that this is not just the TV (codes grabs are missing), although the Twonkey would actually do it. (At least I thought that). This is synonymous not my problem because I can look at and indeed the whole of the Playstatsion3.

My problem is that I read in my old mini-DV films can not watch on TV or the PS3.
The data were imported by Adobe Premiere CS4 of a Panasonic camcorder (NV-GS90) on the laptop. As an import setting in CS4, I used the following different parameters.
Editing mode: DV PAL
Timebase: 25.00 fps

Video settings
Frame Size: 720H576V (1.0940)
Frame Rate: 25.00 frames / second
Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1 / DV PAL (1.0940)
Fields: Lower Field First

Audio Settings
Sample rate: 48000 samples / second

Standard sequence
Video tracks total: 3
Nature of the master track: Stereo
Mono tracks: 0
Stereo tracks: 3
5.1 Traces: 0
Submix mono tracks: 0
Submix stereo tracks: 0
Submix 5.1 tracks: 0

Both (Television / PS3) Flag unknown file format, even though it is. Avi. Now I've got to look in the forum found it. Avi even with different codecs can be provided with some tools and have picked out what time processing all the devices in combination during the import of avi files.

FileType FileDate FileRealSize FileTheoSize FileDuration FileQuality
Avi 30.01.2010 17:41 253380942 253380942 67 90

Video Codec vcName vcDriver vcSuppByVFW AspectRatio Width Height
dvsd Sony Digital Video pdvcodec.dll 1 04:03 720 576

FramesNb Fps Vsec vsize VAvgBPS aStreamsNb AudioCodec1
1698 25.0 67 244739978 29222 1 1

a1Name a1SuppByVFW a1Channels a1SamplesNb a1Sps a1AvgBPS a1Sec a1Size
PCM 1 2 2173362 32000 1024 67 8576000

The used video codec is dvsd of Sony. The really ought to at least work on the PS3, but what he does not make.

Next, I tried to change the codec with fcc.exe. And I've s.anderen avi Shooting oriented on the TV and / or work on the PS3. For example, video stream: DIVX codec with DX50. Unfortunately, without success.

Imported. Avi clips can only be considered on the laptop.

Can someone tell me whether I just have to change the many clips with one converter and if so, with what settings? Geren can I make a 3-MB. Avi file available.
Was synonymous with with adobe encoder no luck in different settings.

Maybe I have been synonymous during the import made a mistake? I am grateful for any help as I currently do not come next.

Unfortunately, I will apologize from 31.01 - 08.02 mostly be offline (abroad) and please now to be tested if not always the same, and feedback can be given.

Thanks for any question / answer.



[/ b]


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Test times with different things SUPER say Codecs by

Perhaps your issue is not device can process the data rate.

Bissel Strange I think it's true but as xvid / DVIX or even out of me as MP4 but should then run .... Currency must be stupid, but that one until then the movies.

B. DeKid


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