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Frage von wmxrecords:

Have a SONY HDR-HC3E via FireWire and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version. Choose from the following:

New Project -> Recording Format HDV -> HDV 1080i25 (50i)


File -> Record

I can control the device (Play, Stop, etc.) is running the time code and not with but there is no image preview. The Record button is inactive and not clickable. I have tried it as a device whereby I set the SONY HC3E not have the list. Can one add more devices? If so, how? Or can I set which device to compare with since the HC3E of that?

Need urgent help.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Take better "HDV Split" for the copying process - so synonymous is a video preview available! :)


Antwort von wmxrecords:

Thanks for the reply.

I have heard that the preview does not work. There is no solution to my problem is not it?


Antwort von Numquam:

Premiere CS4 has rotated a general problem with the preview of material in HDV format. This has nothing to do with your camera, or Firewire.

There was or is a plugin that creates this function. Unfortunately I do not know where to get it.

I have had this problem countless times already. You have the ilink connection-reset-in DV. Then it works normally. The Record button can be used thereafter.

The problem is that then you do not receive individual clips, but a single clip. That means you can not activate the search scene.

That makes things more complicated than once synonymous anyway. But then at least YOU have your shot in HDV captured material, synonymous with no preview. But that is no preference, as you know your stuff eh should.


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