Infoseite // In Hamburg: anyone who feels a minimally-produced music video?

Frage von intercorni:

As already briefly mentioned in the title I'm looking for one or two interested movie maker in a music video, which will be produced with very minimal effort.
Musically, it is seen by modern-produced synth-pop ala
Goldfrapp, the lyrics deal with a subject of "de Sade", as a target on fetish.
The color appearance will be very pale, almost white, so a white contours free space, the female model / singer plays the leading role.
You should never even be seen in full, instead, many details such as the mouth, eyes, just the character and always an interplay between sharp and blurred.
I would like to say that it still can not earn money and synonymous for production can be driven noMittel.
However, I would be delighted if you would come in spite of the required minimality a nice project about.


Antwort von Johannes:

Saved val but please somewhere a mail address in case anyone is interested.


Antwort von intercorni:

E-mail is now on my profile - thanks for the advice!


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