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Frage von duVan:

Hallo erstmal,

first contribution in this forum, forgive me if I open a thread, which is already very well known.
I would in two weeks in the outdoors and wanted to turn to ask s.besten what measures are taken to avoid condensation in the camera to avoid me without an expensive protection for much money to buy.
With my old camera (Canon Mv300 hehe), there was the tip it into a plastic bag to wrap and overnight in the basement to create, so that they can "acclimatize", ie quasi s.die cold temperature can be used. Is this synonymous with the XL1?

I appreciate any response,


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

So humidity is always looking to the coldest point. Therefore, you usually in poor ventilation in the house quickly mold s.Wänden, s.denen outside of the wind herpfeift.

If you have the Canon after a cold outdoor filming again with so take into the house, is the moisture in the Camera s.and collect.

Therefore, you should use the camera in a sealed plastic bag storing for so long until the camera has reached room temperature. Since different materials behave differently in this respect, I would synonymous wait a little longer to have no risk.

Also, the tapes will thank you. The same applies synonymous for film roles from the refrigerator. This should take you a long time in the can, following this in the fridge has taken.


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