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Frage von Alex Hörath:


I want my films that I've recorded over PowerCinema s.Windows XP burn to DVD. There are Windows Media Player - files. The files are between 1 GB and 4 GB, the most at 2.5 GB.
My problem is but I do not get the files to DVD, because they are either too large, even though going to DVD 4.7 GB and the file is only 2.5 GB. And about Nero is not synonymous.

Where's the problem, thanks für euere assistance.

mfg Alex Hoerath


Antwort von steveb:

windows media player files?

Here one should start times. You need a DVD MPEG files.
Experimental data views into a MPEG2 file to convert. Eg There may be "Super Use" ( or synonymous with get any meaningful quantity of tools. What did you receive an error message? What was it like even with 2 GB of files on Fat32 systems? Could it be because synonymous?


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