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Mangelhafte CPU Auslastung bei AE.CS4

Incorrect CPU utilization AE.CS4

Frage von ChrisCore:
Februar 2009


I was finally on a system upgraded Quad (Q6600), but After Effects uses quite defiantly only up to max. 40%. Gridiron I am familiar with, but this does not yet exist for CS4.

Is there any way or a setting in After Effects, the better CPU utilization enables " The "multi-processor system in AE seems only to refer to the workflow, but not on the rendering speed, right?

Can not be true that there is much potential for broke and it cost time and money!

The SuFu I have already used other synonymous, but without a good answer. Google hits there somehow synonymous only with CS3, and always will be noted on Gridiron.

Thanks for any tip.

edit: Windows XP, 2GB RAM

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Is not that good that it only uses 40%?

Or have you now expects everything goes faster than before?

Furthermore, the PC utilization synonymous with the FX used together.

I can not understand what synonymous since then time and / or how the time effect on money?
You need to render every day - I can render things while I sleep - and it will take longer I can sleep longer synonymous ;-)


B. DeKid

Antwort von Mylenium:

"Chris Core" wrote:
Can not be true that there is much potential for broke and it cost time and money!

Then working with comps but that the system utilize? Such discussions are -> exponential sense <--. Most effects are far less computationally intensive, and that the CPU all the time now would glow. If you are not 500 Blur stack on top of each other, is not the synonymous change, the less, because most effects are only mediocre multithreaded, so of your 4 cores, on average, only 2 use. Then there is the rendering order for pre-comps and the sequence of effects and even schwupps already haste the salad. I do not say yes, that is fine, but somewhere it is logical. Whether and how the times change, and speculation is whether the Nucleo Pro miracle weapon is synonymous not yet out. It does ultimately synonymous nix differently, as additional instances of domestic AE sandbox to run and if you do not pre-comps, or no value to Spec Previews sets, it has only limited usefulness synonymous.


Antwort von ChrisCore:

Well, that with the "over night rendering is so ne thing at night for what the customer needs and rausschicken you busy until the afternoon.

It is not even that I have any use Effects exponentially, but it's not too much to ask if I want that my 4 processor cores as efficiently as possible the computing tasks to solve, which makes them AE.

The fact that rendering speed on Money and impact that a relationship between time and money there, you will surely not seriously doubt, right? At least not if you used AE and professionally so that money earned.


Is not that good that it only uses 40%?

Or have you now expects everything goes faster than before?

No, it's definitely not good that only 40% of theoretically 100% (minus OS resources) will be used. This is really trivial. And yes, I had expected that it goes faster - and it does synonymous, but not porportional like to thank my 3D renderings from Cinema4d, where the CPU number and speed of nearly 1:1 with rendering speed scaled.

Is it really too much to ask if I want that AE similarly effective? Or did you just happy to, something that Adobe has optimized not enough?

Then working with comps but that the system utilize? Such discussions are -> exponential sense <--.
Should be called? Is this a hint that I do not understand and my eyes open? In addition, no discussion, I wanted to start, but have asked for help and clarification!

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

About your Q6600 beats times of 4x2, 4 to 4x3, 0 GHz.

With CS3 rendering (according to MPEG2-HD) is the time for a 1hr video around 18 minutes using my OC shortened.

Antwort von Jake the rake:

Ev. you have enough RAM synonymous. In any case, recommended 2GB RAM per CPU.

Antwort von ChrisCore:

Mhm, which certainly plays a role and is sub-optimal - but my RAM is synonymous not always exhausted, so it remains: Adobe has to right.

A pity, that it will, unfortunately, there seems no solution.

Antwort von Jake the rake:

These programs were not on your calculator but tailored so that they are programmed to function as all machines.
I would not hide our heads in the sand and the Adobe error buck.
It could in principle s.wenig well together matching hardware is s.Windows configuration, or a mix of everything together.

What happens if you have the slider in the settings on Ae "faster rendering" ask ...?

Antwort von ChrisCore:

the configuration is detailed in the case completely irrelevant. The point is that not all computing cores are utilized. RAM or not. Cinema4d renders with 100% occupancy in all 4 cores, if I want.

For AE, I needed synonymous in the past as a tool Gridiron PRO. That the only instances of AE will open in the background, it is clear to me but that I was fine and it is more efficient.

The controller does not s.der utilization, but thanks for the hint.

Antwort von Jake the rake:

"Chris Core" wrote:
The controller does not s.der utilization, but thanks for the hint.

Have you with the other settings already "played"? I am sure that you can still improve. I have a calculator with eight core (still) 8Gb Ram and have had synonymous Nucleo Pro (your Gridiron) tested, but no real speed advantage recognized ... That was even with CS3. So I can hardly believe that Ae faster rendering on a system like you. Other users have already reported, however, so it will be correct.
Nevertheless, I believe that without Nucleo even better results may be because Ae actually the entire hardware can be ...

Another possibility could be that you have a plug inside the Axis knows no multiprocessor support.

What says the Slashcam Render Test (

Antwort von ChrisCore:

Render the test times, I will try tomorrow, thanks for the hint!

I will like to buy 4 GB of RAM, I realize that my RAM may be in the CPU load limiting effect.

However, I have yesterday with the Adobe Media Encoder on the same rendering via Premiere started, had all the cores busy and a huge speed gain. This reinforces my Vermuting that AE is not really optimized.

(However, this was a special case, since I usually do not naturally AE Premiere can replace with.)

On a plug, it will not lie, because I have total rausgerendert, nothing wild, no TrapCode, Tinderbox, or whatever.

Which OS do you have? Currently nor do I use WinXP-32bit. 4GB since it already strictly speaking does not make sense anymore.

Antwort von Jake the rake:

The OS I did not care. Previously xp 64th Meanwhile, Vista Ultimate 64bit.

Antwort von ChrisCore:

mhm ... I had hoped to Windows7 still with XP (32) to work because I work next to the synonymous games and still know the time when many programs or drivers are not running under 64bit. Are these times?

Antwort von Jake the rake:

I actually think that those times are over! If today a manufacturer still offers no 64bit drivers then you should consider not to switch. Personally, I had no problems (the only really annoying, but not very much that Quicktime is still not available for 64bit.

The Adobe CS runs in any event without any problems on XP64 to Vista and synonymous (cs3 and synonymous 4)

With Windows 7, I just check around, but I am still not had to install CS4 ...

Until now I can say, "feel" is really good at w7;) (Tolle statement was?;))

Once I've installed CS4, I write a bit more ... On We made it ...

Antwort von ChrisCore:

On your feedback to CS4, I'm curious. But that is no QUICKTIME for 64bit there is for me just a little shock, because it is for me the most important output module.

Does this mean that under nem 64bit OS running Quicktime not synonymous and can not convert - or use it not only the resources and dümpelt with internal 32bit so?

Antwort von Jake the rake:

The second option;)
Within a 64bit application, it is not implementable. Otherwise, of course, how does it work under 32bit.

Antwort von ChrisCore:

Meanwhile, I tested something. I have the first controller in the memory and multi-processor settings in the middle and had then left the benchmark Slashcam tested.

-> 431 seconds! --- Bearing in mind that I only have 2GB, the Q600er have not overclocked, and my WinXP 32bit already a few months on the hump, so overall the system is not fast.

Then I got the times CPUs overclocked to 3.0 GHz and had a profit of 3 47 seconds. Almost exactly 25% more, which is now the CPUs were faster.

Then I have the slider all the way to the right, with the result that the benchmark "only" took 274 seconds.

That is 57% faster than the original test without OC. Not bad. If I now change the OS (eg Vista 64bit) and +4 GB besorgs, I should from the outside its worst. :)

Antwort von ChrisCore:


I have now grown to a total of 6 GB upgraded, but until the weekend or a 32bit system, therefore, use only 3.5 GB effectively.

I have repeated the benchmark and the results are charming 235 seconds.

Now I am very anxious times, as the new system (I think I will draw on Vista 64bit) with the 6GB anymore, but think that now, not so much out of is slow and the CPU is limiting.

Antwort von ChrisCore:

Nungut much rausholen could now work as expected with Vista 64 is no longer 6GB, but with at least 227 seconds, I can benchmark the moderately well survive without me quickly to get a coffee. :)

Antwort von cozmo3001:


regarding this issue / problem, which until last Friday I suffered synonymous, I would s.dieser is still a small anecdote to get rid of today:

After I in any forum (not here) to my problem I found anything that we in the Task Manager should ensure that all AfterFx.exe processes synonymous All CPUs should match (in my case was in all processes, only the CPU 0 clicked!), AE fluppt my back as Sau.

However, I wanted to play it safe and go to the Adobe support me by telephone an information intermediaries:

The lady was quite unfriendly to me then just that AE CS3 anyway multiprocessor-capable, but only CS4 ...!!!

At my request as to why then a total of 5 AfterFX.exe processes are started and all I separately on all available CPUs can distribute synonymous came just a little break and thought "No, that's impossible ... is not supported ...")

Adobe should take better brief his staff, which individual products are concerned ...

When Slashcam Benchmark I is now synonymous at 210 sec, Quad 2.44 GHz to 3.0 hochgetaktet, 4GB RAM).

Premiere renders but still only on the first CPU ...
Power at 1080p images with the Canon 5D Mark II does not really fun ...

Did I understand you correctly that you with 6 GB have been able to achieve better values?

Best Regards

Antwort von frm:

If you use Dynamic Link in CS4 have you ever tested whether the render of AE comps in Media Encoder is faster or slower? ICh render now only with the. Unfortunately, there is no Render Engine over the network but I think s.CS5!

To support s.Adobe think I can only agree, but the Dutch have no idea.


Antwort von le.sas:

I have just one video in PP CS3 rendering, as is the CPU utilization at 100% (Quad, 2.4 Ghz and 4 GB of Ram).
I have to ask stupid times is ok? or if the calculator at the 100% s.seine borders and a lower utilization would be better? (because then there are still reserves). As I said, absolutely new to me ..

Antwort von ChrisCore:

@ le.sas
Caution dangerous semi:

I think that you are at 100% utilization are on fairly well, unless you want something else besides make. Exactly this utilization is my goal, so that every one of my expensive seeds purchased and used synonymous demanded.

@ cozmo3001
Yes true, with 6GB I have a small performance improvement achieved. But in my case was minimal. (of 274 to 235 seconds). But even under nem 32bit OS, where I actually only 4 and still 3.5 GB used. But now synonymous with his 64bit Vista, I was no longer faster.
I think now that my current largest bottleneck my HDDs are. I do not have a raid or something, but certainly more moderate and hard bilde me that the rendering - ie write the data - something might be faster as the dashing with Raptor HDD.

Is there somewhere a configuration model, which HDDs cache and distribution is concerned?


How do you move the slider in the AE settings to adjust the CPU and RAM Balance Ein?

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