Infoseite // Influence the data rate in AVCHD camcorders ...?

Frage von Uwe:

Clearly, the higher the better. But does such as 1,2,3 mbps even more visible from more? Is there someone closer compatriots and perhaps a little investigated? Link would be synonymous not bad.

I have now with the "little things" (digicams with video capabilities 1280x720p - Samsung NV24 + Kodakv1073) found that they sometimes quite different data rates to the size - but not all synonymous Great apparently optimal data rates.

According to the specification are probably 5-15mbps for AVCHD should be considered as (but probably has recently been increased to 24mbps). The Samsung NV24 brings it to around 6.7 mbps, at the Kodak 7,5-10. And when the latter needs to be said that they are not encoded with the H264 but with a similar-Divx codec in Mov format.

As far as I could read out are more expensive partly synonymous AVCHD camcorder only in 8-10Mbps area. Whereby the Resolutionnatürlich synonymous still plays an important role ......


Antwort von WoWu:

@ Uwe

This issue is not so easy with the Comparison of the data rejected.
If it is so easy, it would Comparison of the blu-ray association imply that in general at 16 Mbit / s is closing because they have no difference in H.264 to the original film can provide.
That the world does not end there, however, shows just the mere fact that H.264 up to over 900 Mbit / s has been defined.
It is, unlike MPEG2 each depends on what "tools" to use image editing, because H.264 is highly scalable.
According to the results, but possibly synonymous bandwidth.
AVCHD contains only a tiny subset of MPEG-4 and H.264 None is suitable for such a comparison.
Also makes no AVCHD camcorder currently on the native Resolution1920. Therefore you do not know with how much interpolation because certain data rates are generated (or not).
And to any restrictions within this company in any format, I would give nothing .... It is as if someone on the refrigerator "party" to write.
But if you interested in the topic of accurate, then "google" really.


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