Infoseite // Info film for engineering studies (D7)

Frage von edi_the eagle:

Info film for the School of Engineering of Winterthur ZHAW. Of schools should be shown s.Infotagen and encourage young people to become engineers.

New York (except first 30 seconds *) with canon D7 (my first movie with it) and zoom hr4 cut to final cut

Any comments?

* Made available of Solar Impulse


Antwort von Clemens Schiesko:

Quote: Shot with Canon D7 / zoom hr4
The sake of accuracy I would change it. I come from Cottbus - give my license plate so I do not synonymous with "BC" on;)


Antwort von edi_the eagle:

Dear Clenems Schiesko,

I swear that I will NEVER make this silly mistake again in my entire life. I am ashamed of something profoundly to be a Legsatheniker. The best I replace my D7 for a 5D, then I no longer have the problem.
It is more difficult but, as far as myself together, I mean that dyslexia does not let go of your last name. Cheers!


Antwort von Cubey1985:

Also of my point of view I think it's implemented well.

Besides the passage in 4:21 minutes, because it looks more like a Shot where just on it was held and where one did not know in what direction you must pull the focus. Not really fit into the overall concept.

Otherwise, good job.

Gruss Kai


Antwort von Pianist:

I think above all three things could be improved: The bright image content should not erode Sun Simply expose cleaner. Interviewees should be lit properly and are not in the dark. And I ponder whether it is good for such a shooting to have people look into the camera. As such, only the Chancellor for New Year's address looks directly into the camera. All Others look to the reporter who takes the place of the camera next to the viewer. A very short film that has more the character of commercials, one could still consider synonymous to let people talk into the camera, but your movie is more likely than reportage (with voice-and O-tones in alternation) designed, so I tend to variant would be to tell the people s.der Camera over.



Antwort von WoWu:

Quote: And I ponder whether it is good for such a shooting to have people look into the camera.
Grübel next ...

I think has finally made a circuit with this in mind to Nirvana ... and has cut off the old braids ... been excellent.
A few exposures do not agree entirely, but that's peanuts.
Farbgrading nice and good coordination with the scriptures.
All the things I would omit the definition synonymous search phases.
But, as I said, this is Geschmachssache.
Prima ... Congratulations.


Antwort von edi_the eagle:

Thanks for the comments.

This agrees with the exposure that was not quite so easy because everything was pretty much in the rotated stress (All alone abgdreht in about 2 1 / 2 days) and made sure I had to work as possible with Aperture open, but not synonymous everywhere made sense.

Work with a SonyZ1 otherwise, since everything is confortable. Lighting, sound, sharpness, gray filter that gives the time with a routine that is slowly boredom. The lack of the Canon 7D, and I like challenges.

lenses directly into the lens I have deliberately chosen. The viewer is not observers, but the person who should be addressed directly.

And the B-Roll with sharpness and Cadragesuchen is a personal preference of mine who does not fit properly, because it will not be systematic. I have angewedet intuitively, I like this "freestyle" groove.

So consider the next production in advance, such as exposure, depth of field, shutter speeds are used. Therefore more time should be present, the sound I have now under control. And never write more D7, but 7D ;-)

Again thanks for the constructive criticism



Antwort von domain:

I find synonymous, that the concern was over this very well and convincingly.
Maybe another tip: when there is already outshining the lights in the video is, it sometimes helps in the Waveform Monitor the lights to reduce to 90%. First, they hide it not more so and even then may be seen even a drawing, as in this case. Did the mid-tones but still synonymous
slightly darkened

Original image


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