Infoseite // Inglorious Quentin, Chapter X: The Revenge of the Avatar

Frage von Axel:

Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds prompted many to get excited, to be honest. What a crappy movie! Long-winded and silly! The leave, which is 150 minutes felt well maintained, not so available, it comes to heated verbal skirmishes. Film "experts" complain about (bad trades, and, Camera and editing are part of something half-baked), true Tarantino fans bleating "brilliant," jokes are cracked (via Til, in his role than previously congenial snarling killer, a shepherd was his role model) and Eli (; as Bärenjude, with beautiful but) crazy eyes. Really nice eyes, but see all, has Mélanie Laurent, she labert synonymous not so much in some rather strenuous Shot reverse shot scenes in bringing forward the "Guru's Cut" - length. Many cinemas, especially in eastern Germany, received threats with arson if they did not depose Basterds, of brown bear, the bald and more recently, not combat boots. What should the cinema to play instead? Pride of the nation? (and the name of the movie that has this movie premiere, Co-Directing Eli "Hostel" Roth, Daniel Brühl in Germany alone 300 enemies to pieces shot) That, according to credits, Diane Kr u ger (; Helena Troy) is a good actress, has been suggested (no one, "The role I was in very many Museumsen"), but Tarantino uses it as a double agent really incredible genius of Bridget hammer marks which in a tavern drunk dressed as Nazis and Nazi conspirators half an hour alternately badly needs to feign loyalty and credibility. Erste Sahne! "Hans Lada" is of course the favorite of all, but the role is a little bit of Ulrich Mühe representation of the concentration camp doctor lifted from the deputy. As I mentioned, I grabbed the perverse, silly shit - group of angry, how could I compare a political comic masterpiece with this trash. Well, I've done stop, and now? Great that you can get so into the hair. Movies is not quite dead

It seems to work James Cameron. The released yesterday

Antwort von brainy:

Have the 15-minute preview of a 3D looked yesterday - have seen in the movies has never been anything intense. A new dimension of visual impressions - after 2 minutes you forget that it is animation.

Whether the public's broad matters is another question (; an epic disaster-romance a la "Titanic" is certainly broad-) - but s.sich for the movies Cameron has once again created a world-revolution ...


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