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Frage von Seaweed:

tach leute,
Emir, I hope someone can help. material we have already rotated and ssschluss our films should be planned from a hardware part (c64 drive), so to speak, his spirit or his shape as 2D/3D animation rise up ... you're da ne possibilities how this can be achieved s.besten? would be true for any help very much ...


Antwort von Lifesat:

with flash, after effects, or with a 3D software ...
gruß cj


Antwort von Debonnaire:

The easiest way to drive a true neutral, other-than-the-drive-colored (eg, Green Screen) films, are free and in the editing reinmontieren.

Or then stop the drive in a 3D Animantionsprogramm (eg Blender is free) copied, animate and finally back to the synonymous Editing / Compositing einkopieren.


Antwort von bruce_offline:


For this problem, I see only one solution: Blender in the rough part model, then a UV-map (texture, how to nd in this case says) to create, and animate.

Then, if the video content is moving, tracking with Icarus or Voodoo.

Sounds pretty simple, but is damned hard work behind it. Have some time ago as something synonymous, but had in the 3D field of a colleague to help take a bit more understanding than I do.



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