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Frage von prem:


I have a Pinnacle PCTV Stereo. I capture of analog sources (TV, VHS) with VirtualDub, audio on Creative Sound Blaster Live card.

I guess the whole with the following parameters:
- Video: 720x576 pixels interlaced 2 fields
- Video: 25 fps (PAL)
- Video: Real-time compression with Panasonic DV codec
- Audio: PCM 48kHz 16bit stereo
In the case of VHS, the video picture afterwards with specialized VirtualDub filters and stabilizes entrauscht and saved again as DV.

I will now Fernsehauschnitte into a DV video embed. Because the videos are now computerized, I can transfer from your camcorder, how to use - I thought!
Now I have the finished project to DV tape and output s.Television viewed. RESULTS: All camcorder images are OK, all recordings with the Pinnacle card tremble terribly!
Now I thought that the order s.der Field lies and voted for all Pinnacle VirtualDub recordings with the entire picture to a pixel row to bottom and moved up a black line is added. And lo and behold - the result is perfect!
But how can it be that this card is a non-compliant Picture created?
Can I edit this somehow does not save?

Thanks for your help (is not urgent - that is, first)
A lex


Antwort von Markus:

"A lex 'wrote: But how can it be that this card is a non-compliant Picture created?
Conform with what? There are both Halbbildreihenfolgen in video technology, otherwise it would be so synonymous with simple. ;-)

Learn More:
What Halbbildreihenfolge when and where?


Antwort von thomasinberlin:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Exactly what I wanted to know. So if I go a DV Project do and (analog) TV to insert images, do I just order with the field in the link above VDub filter change. The then just exactly what I had done previously manual.
When I Lower Field First-material (DV) or Upper Field First-material (unprocessed analog capture material) with TMPGEnc DVD MPEG2 encode, he always studied the field auto-sequence and sets the flag correctly. Now I understand that!

Alles Klar, the problem has been solved! Thank you!

A lex


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