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Frage von Abercrombie:

Hello Together!

I have a somewhat unusual problem: I have from existing images (originally 720p/50, now BMPs) a movie with real interlace artifacts (720i/25) create.
From the first picture to be just the straight, from the second picture only the odd lines are taken. It is circa 2000 BMPs.
The inverse function for "deinterlacer" is available in cutting programs are unfortunately not.
Has anyone any idea how I am with the Photoshop CS3, Final Cut and other (free?) Hinbekommen software?

Thanks for any ideas!


Antwort von TheBubble:

"Abercrombie" wrote: From the first picture to be just the straight, from the second picture only the odd lines are taken.

So you should not do it. The lines must be transferred to previously filtered, otherwise there is interference.

What do you need the result?


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Whether it is filtered, I would consider as material dependent.
Strong movement leads naturally to a strong blur ...

Technically, to implement the change around with Avisynth (
If the program is installed via the text editor! Create the following script (or just copy it), starting with # lines serve only to comment:

# Load BMPs, full path,
# Notation see the file numbering
# Syntaxhier
# (Path + format, startup image, Endbild, fps, if true = RGB24)

Image Reader ( "path to the files \% 06d.bmp", 1, 2000, 50, use_devil = true)

# Split in half

separatefields ()

# Choose (with 4 pictures distance) only Halbilder 1 +4
# This is the frame rate reduces to 25

Select Everytime (4,1,4)

# Add this to interlaced frames together


# Of previous RGB24 colorspace, switch to YV12 = 4:2:0
# This line can be disabled if the encoder with RGB
# As the input material is clearly

ConvertToYV12 (interlaced = true)

With this script then feed the encoder as if it would be Avi or via plug ins or Makeavis NLE for further processing load.

Greetings from Marburg


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