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Einführung: EX1 vs HVX200 Postpro am Mac

Introduction: EX1 vs HVX200 Postpro s.Mac

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
März 2008

Test: Introduction: EX1 vs HVX200 Postpro s.Mac of rob - 21 Mar 2008 23:13:00
> Sony EX1 and Panasonics HVX200 their qualities have already demonstrated several times, but at least equally important for the assessment is its workflow in post production. What storage technologies compete here? How easy is the video log and capture? What about in terms of metadata from? Introduction The following is a Postpro in workflow s.Mac: Sony EX1 in Comparison to Panasonics HVX200.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The XDCAM transfer program you already know of the great XDCAM HD cameras. Why something external and not directly in Final Cut Pro?
Richtig scheisse I find that the program is the "transfer" of clips, which have two cards were not only part of a memory card 1 and Part B of 2 memory reads, but forever rumrödelt and makes something. It then reads four business! Once A, then B, then A and B together and then something. That lasts forever. And clips, which have two cards have been highlighted are not synonymous. It's just that they are not transferable. You must be in the detail view and you can confirm that it fixes. Especially under time pressure, it is difficult to correct the associated map. I usually go into the program, highlight all the clips and click Import. If I then must abchecken manual, whether such double clips are, I will be mad. If there was a return, it takes forever synonymous nor for reading.
Further, I criticize the bad view on input and scanned maps. Already imported memory cards are next in the program, but with confusing names like "Untitled 1" and "Untitled 2". Since there is a long day, then suddenly six "Untitled 1" - and the program. In the Finder, all the clips then schlauerweise into a folder of miss - no preference whether they have been on different memory cards or not.
More bugs: When in the activity list a number of Übertragungsvorgag will abort, then the most. Cancels one but two or three that remain in the view that with a rotary wheel hang and you know no more. But now it is imported or has understood it? Also annoying: the default is considered disordered. One must then manual "by name" button.

The workflow with P2 from Final Cut Pro is much better and it has continued to glance over everything. Alone, that everything in a meta-database. In XDCAM Transfer manual must be in the folders rummachen. At least I would not be so shitty clips in folders lying senseless have.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Oh yes, and right is synonymous not apparent what has already been recorded and what is not. The Point in Final Cut Pro is much better.
Here are two sample pictures to the above-mentioned problems.

zum Bild

zum Bild

Antwort von rob:

Powermac Hello,

it would in any case much easier, if the EXCAM material directly from Final Cut log would (ssdie Capture folder or log Bin issue).

Many greetings


Antwort von Valentino:

For larger models XDCAM Sonyvor has recently introduced a XDCAM HD codec implements the 4:2:2 chroma samples and with 50 Mbit / sarbeitet. Room for future updates of the EX1 should therefore not be a problem.

So understand that I just do not now how to please the new 4:2:2 50Mbit with an EX1 possible. I am well aware of the internal EX1 with 1080/50p works (at NTSC60p), but this is only the uncompressed signal conversion according to the image converters and then later in the 4:2:0 format is MPEG2.
The man then an encoder chip times via new firmware change, it is not possible, I know, or Sonyhat has a better encoder chip built into the EX1, but not all formats in the firmware released?
What is more likely that the NAB Sonyauf a successor model, eg an EX7 (so is the typical name of Sony) vorstelt, which is then synonymous XDCAM 422, but one of EX1 now nacher FullHD in 422 with 50Mbit will dominate, I think rather unlikely.
What I can well imagine that there is a Harddiskreorder for EX1 type is synonymous of the data stream via firewire 35MBits can read and store.

The problem of PowerMac I have ever discussed with him and with a name or date at some time would be helpful. My idea would still watch the videos using ACDSee or other programs, rename, and probably through this whole Indexdatein and is not easy.

Antwort von baerenbold:

When I read it all, I prefer to stay in the good old method: Volume Record - Computer Cut - band master.
Since I have everything in the known sequence is available and not lose the overview and no clips in Speichernirwana!
And that this procedure quicker and easier to be a transfer of the tape?

BTW: RevPro are no memory cards, but special removable hard disks, without electronics and write heads. They are in the device (camera / reader) integrated.

Antwort von rob:

Hi Valentino,

[quote = "Valentino"]

What is more likely that the NAB Sonyauf a successor model, eg an EX7 (so is the typical name of Sony) vorstelt, which is then synonymous XDCAM 422, but one of EX1 now nacher FullHD in 422 with 50Mbit will dominate, I think rather unlikely.

"Update" was exactly in this sense, if admittedly somewhat synonymous ambiguous words. By firmware, this is more than unlikely. Important here is my outlook on future codec implementations. Sony Moves to travel to 50 Mbit / s XDCAM 4:2:2, according to Panasonic AVC-Intra.

Have a nice rest day, I wish all of them.

Many greetings


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