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Ist die neue Sony HDR cx305 eine

Is the new SonyHDR cx305 a "sham"?

Frage von diditalo:
März 2010

Hello together. I am interested in the Sonyhdr cx305 and read the manual when I encountered a couple of points that have puzzled me as a newcomer but because they are so in the allgem. Descriptions are to be found.
Eg. That the taking of photographs during the filming not in the 24 Mbps mode is possible, any more than the auto. Smile.
Even if the SteadyShot at the highest level "active" is, there is probably no more 12-times zoom but less, how much, however, is not in there!
Maybe someone even knows of the "more experienced" 'whether these characteristics are normal and in daily operation are wichtg, or what it's all about.
'm A little perplexed at the moment, because I really wanted to buy the Cam.


Antwort von beiti:

First, a compliment s.Dich. As attentively as I suppose hardly anyone reads a user manual.

That while the FX-HD movie recording No pictures can be made, is actually says so. The same applies, of course, synonymous for auto-save via Stillimage Smile. Why do so only at the highest data rate, no idea.
But who needs such a feature at all? Either I take pictures or I film. During the filming yet another button press to take photos, will inevitably lead to wobbles in the film. In general, you will confirm any experienced filmmaker, that you can focus only on one, so either the shooting or the shooting - otherwise either goes in the pants.
And an automatic saving of photos, believe whenever the camera to recognize a smile? So please! This is for you but not seriously be a sales argument?
Maybe I am there too purist, but this is pure gimmickry that with the shooting has nothing to do. Apply dignity Sonysowas not only would no one on it that you might need it.

The thing with the Super SteadyShot in "Active" mode, I found something curious. My guess is that there also used to stabilize the optical sensor or a reserve, which could then curtail the wide angle range. In the tele it would even be an advantage. But that, as I said, just my guess. The instructions expressed here really puzzling. ( "As soon as the cessation of SteadyShot is changed, synonymous the field of view." - And this despite an optical stabilizer.)

If someone wants a say, here is the aforementioned manual:

Antwort von rush:


So I see it as beiti ...

synonymous, I do not need a photo mode in the camcorder and would like to synonymous not even begin ... . If I need a picture if need be I'll take a frame from the video material. Is not that the best course, but the passt scho.

For SteadyShot active one can read on the pages of Sonyetwas more ...

Although there is explicit about the NXCam but the text is synonymous Active Steady Shot addressed in the fact the picture cropped - that is almost gecroppt.
I think this will be for the CX same principle.

Antwort von MiniBob:

Bzgl. Opt.SteadyShot Zoom constraint:
Is that for the other Sony (CX505/520, CX550) as synonymous?

Antwort von Jott:

Why limit - it is via the normal SteadyShot Optics desire or be switched to an electronic version, which looks after addition to jamming. The stop needs a bit of "meat" on the sensor, so the angle is slightly narrower.

Everything that is switched off, can not be negative.

The fact that the processor has the highest data rate with no time to worry yet to Lächelfotos, is synonymous logical. But honestly who filmed and photographed for SAME TIME? Pike's great!

Antwort von beiti:

"MiniBob" wrote:
Bzgl. Opt.SteadyShot Zoom constraint:
Is that for the other Sony (CX505/520, CX550) as synonymous?
If indeed there ever is a limitation ...
You can download the instructions to you so quickly and.

There are three settings for the stabilizer: Off, Standard and Active. ) That is in "Off" and "standard" (only optical stabilization, it should be no restriction anyway. In operation "Active" will appear in addition to the optical stabilization yet produced an electronic pixels reserve.
Why is this the optical zoom range should not be 12x, not obvious to me. I believe that one has to "Active" a little less wide Angleund a little more tele. And theoretically could suffer Resolutionetwas.

Antwort von diditalo:

Again with the image quality. When I employ people instead of the 24 then to 17 Mbit, makes it really look after the quality of the film is a difference, or is seen not they?
Because synonymous when something like the auto. Lächelauslösung may actually not really need, I think it's a nice "gimmicks".


Antwort von beiti:

Just discovered something on Page 80: If the digital zoom is set to "OFF", there are zoom in up to a factor of 17-fold. Does not the SteadyShot on "active", the zoom ratio is only 12-fold.

So I now infer three things:
1) The rate for the zoom factor is not to suggest that low in operation "Active" is the zoom factor, but it is even larger.
2) The true optical zoom is only 12x. If one of the stabilizer on the "active", the resulting pixel Reserve s. below the end (which is indeed not so important stabilization) is used to achieve the full Wide Anglezu - and so gives the arithmetic total 17x zoom.
3) Hook s.dem Procedure: To get the best possible image quality, we will have to forego the SteadyShot Mode "Active".

How much "active" affect the image quality will only be able to resolve a test. The same applies to the question of whether 17 Mbps bring visible disadvantages compared to 24 Mbps.

Antwort von nicecam:

If the mode of operation "Active" synonymous with what CANON, I believe, calls "dynamic" image stabilization? Here
I could look these days someone on the shoulder, demonstrating the dynamic stability. I was very impressed and I would imagine that during active walking, especially during the shoot out of the car does an excellent job.

The stabilizer of my HV-20 and XH-A1 is already excellent, but only supports the shooting with a steady hand.

Antwort von Jan:

Sonyhat unfortunately somewhat tricked.

The camera actually has one 14x zoom (CX 550 & XR 550).

) With the Active stabilizer (the New Movement for the page is the beginning of s.bei 14x optical zoom.

In the old stabilizer or stabilization of the optical zoom is 10x - as in the manuals.

So far so good, just the shame of Sonyalso Active Stabilizer (that is probably the main setting for many customers), the acclaimed 29,8 mm Wide Anglevon has not. The 29,8 mm shall be made only as old stabilizer or Stablisator. The exact Wide Anglewerde again, I measured.

One should therefore Angleaufpassen to its combination of stabilizer and Wide. New stabilizer and Wide Angleist not exactly like old stabilizer and Telecommunications.

This is already synonymous to the 305th CX There is, however, zooming, or 17 x 12 x optical.


Antwort von beiti:

"Jan" wrote:
The camera actually has one 14x zoom (CX 550 & XR 550).

) With the Active stabilizer (the New Movement for the page is the beginning of s.bei 14x optical zoom.

In the old stabilizer or stabilization of the optical zoom is 10x - as in the manuals.
And how do you explain this limitation purely technical? Why should limit artificially Sonyden optical zoom?

My above theory (based on CX550: 10-times optical zoom and an electronic extension to 14-fold by exploiting all the chips in the WW area) is still logical to me before.

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