Infoseite // Is there a possibility to combine audio with video via expression of?

Frage von frm:

I have the following problem.
I'm supposed to animate for a customer 4 pages of text in typewriter style. This is synonymous to play the sound to match the animation.

The video I've animated by Animator. Now my question is whether there is any possibility of audio samples darunterzulegen automated. Until now I have already made a few lines by hand, but so is the work lasts forever!

I would appreciate a suggestion on your part.



Antwort von Corpse:

So I can not tell you whether there are so what you need, but the current workflow is the sound in a separate program to match the video mix, such as Adobe Soundbooth?

set as a "quasi" work-around you, and ye able to Clip markers can import your audio footage s.The brands. Whether it what good is another question. My recommendation: Sound of hand in a sound-mixing program!


Antwort von Squarecow:

Wow, interesting question.

I honestly do not think that can sowas in AE Script.

In Flash it would go - since you can fire off via ActionScript sounds.

What is the rhythm of the attacks have since the typewriter? All letters, the same speed?


Antwort von frm:

It would be nice
I did it using Animator and so it is not accurate (not synonymous'd even look so real!

Yes, I fear it synonymous, as I have time to do more days! It is about 14 minutes in the Comp.
Since I already had a nicer job, but if the customer wishes must make mans! :)

Maybe someone knows a solution.

Would appreciate any help.



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