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Gibt es sowas: Funk-Micro-Set!? (4-6 Sender + ein Empfänger an der Camera)

Is there such a thing: micro-radio set? (4-6 + transmitter, a receiver s.der Camera)

Frage von lehrling76:
Januar 2011

Does anyone know whether (and if so, where?) There is a radio microphone set in the 4 to 6 stations (with Ansteckmicro) together s.einem receiver are received (which s.der camera is connected)?

Similar to this model, but as I said with several channels:
http://cgi.ebay.de/503287-EW-112-P-G3-Bodypack-UHF-Set-Sennheiser-EW112P-/160389209746?pt=DE_Elektronik_Computer_Audio_Hi_Fi_Mikrofone&hash=item2557f11e92 # ht_4365wt_1141

I realize that it was not an optimal solution. But the point is that one could call "one-man team" but still take a fairly reasonable discussion in a group ...

Antwort von xinon:

4-6 mics on a stereo signal evaporate? mix well then have fun with live ... if indeed it even exists.

maybe not your favorite, but probably a much better solution:
a multi-track audio recorder (eg zoom r16 if favorable to be), then the record Miks separately and mix the material in the cut and synchronize ...

Antwort von Bernd E.:

There is a spark gap, go where two channels on a receiver (and in fact to two recipients in the same housing), but variations of the order, as you are looking for them, are not known to me. In the daily life of a one-man team that would be synonymous not practical. Better you go in any case, either with a separate recorder, as recommended Xinon of, or you take the discussion held with Ansteckmikros with one - or two - boundary microphone (s) on.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

No, there is not. A receiver can receive only one channel at a time. Recipients who receive two signals may have, in the same housing, two receivers - one for each transmitter (see review of Bernard E.).

So you brachust synonymous for each transmitter a receiver. Since there is virtually no cameras that could have more than two audio signals can simultaneously record, you have to deal with the 4-6 sign all somehow different.

Varainte 1) multi-track recording

You get the one audio multitrack recorder (standalone or PC card) and nimmnst all signals from the mixed separately and later.

Variant 2) Live Mix

You close all recipients s.ein audio mixer and mixed together with the signals. This is a separate obligation and Tonmensch errors are not corrected.

Option 3) other recording techniques

As you take the example: with boundary microphones on (on the table). Disadvantage: Each row s.Tisch (off glass / cup, stir, browse documents) is included and clearly gnadelos with.

Antwort von soan:

Take 6 Body pack or Wired Laveli microphones, conclude this s.einen 6-track audio recorder (wav, mp3 OAE), which mics level in accordance with safety side up (or if indeed to be: take the automation of the recorder, important to test for suitability before) and take on the whole Kladderradatsch, eg the sum output (headphones) is a reference tone to the camera.

Potentially, you can use it directly (rather unlikely) or, the best solution, you then draw an average of all 6 tracks in the timeline and shuffle off as desired.

Other proposals have already been mentioned: one or more microphones with Kugelcharakteritik, boundary mics (very much ambient noise if noisy location, so respect - and I agree with the previous speaker in total grande). A good Assi with the ball s.der Angel would be synonymous ne good solution. If, however, to be absolutely alone: to record all 6 tracks separately external

Antwort von lehrling76:

Thank you for your ideas & Erfharungen:))

... It is for a small group in the disco record. So falling off the surface with the Micro / boom etc ...

Can you suggest what specifically what I need it. I google this to death: - /

@ Myth-Berlin:
to point 2: This mixer is portable so you (like a second synonymous sound man) with this can lead to? What exactly s.Equipment I need for this version? There can recommend a good provider?
to point 1: the variation seems to be expensive and time intensive ... Would therefore prefer the version 2

@ Soan: thanks for the secret formula "to take ..." ;-) But synonymous my contact s.Dich: Could you give me any sites where you can buy this equipment?

Thank you in advance!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Lehrling76" wrote:
... Is for a small group in the disco record. So falling off the surface with the Micro / boom etc ...

In this case, nor would another variant of the separate recording in question, the sound you could lapel instead of a spark gap synonymous with a small audio recorder like the Zoom record H1, which each speaker carries in his pocket. This solution also has the advantage of being equipped for six people costs less than two spark gaps - let alone six plus multi-track recorder.

"Lehrling76" wrote:
.. Iirgendwelche or call where you can buy this equipment? ...

Look around at times www.thomann.de: That should Europe's largest supplier with its very good service. You can get there before any purchase can be synonymous with detailed advice.

Antwort von lehrling76:

Thanks Bernd!

Get me by clicking on the page views equal ... and possibly synonymous call them times ....

But still so much to record in club: It is not enough if the sound of the group is taken individually. As an event reporter, you have to realize that talk to each other so you know where you should Wenken synonymous Hinsch (facial expressions of the individual with certain comments, etc)

That is why I seek a solution (when all synonymous happy to Tonmensch takes in hand) where I can "listen in" as a cameraman.

Are you understand :-)))

Antwort von rush:

"Lehrling76" wrote:
Thank you for your ideas & Erfharungen:))

... It is for a small group in the disco record. So falling off the surface with the Micro / boom etc ...

Can you suggest what specifically what I need it. I google this to death: - /

Disco? Attending a clever dynamic hand leg ... rich around them, or give me out of every one in the hand ... Everything else is rather unsatisfactory when it is really loud there.

Antwort von lehrling76:

Sun have been made ego! Was synonymous more for fun as a job for an event page on the Internet ...

Now the whole is somewhat erntshafter! :)

Do Technick!!

Antwort von rush:

"Lehrling76" wrote:
Sun have been made ego! Was synonymous more for fun as a job for an event page on the Internet ...

Now the whole is somewhat erntshafter! :)

Do Technick!!

Well if the whole is something serious, the sound quality and speech intelligibility is surely the measure of all things in a round table or do I see this wrong? ;)

That is why so my advice to the dynamic handheld microphone .... Clearly it is image-wise not so nice when all a club in your hand - but probably the best acoustic version in a loud club environment.

Antwort von soan:

With the badges you will not be successful in the disco, unless the make up for the extra quiet something. Absolutely NO chance!

6-track field recorder

http://www.thomann.de/de/search.html?xsid=0b87bb8870527ae963c505c91aff3e4c&KF=on&gk=strdmo&oa=ala&bn=&pr=&wgfid1=4463&wgf4463=&wgfid2=4464&wgf4464=&wgfid3=4467&wgf4467=&wgfid4=4468&wgf4468=&wgfid5=4474&wgf4474=6&wgfid6 = 4475 & = & wgf4475 wgfid7 = 4507 & = & wgf4507 wgfid8 = 4476 & = & wgf4476 wgfid9 = 4477 & = & wgf4477 wgfid10 = 4508 & = & wgf4508 wgfid11 = 4509 & = & wgf4509 wgfid12 = 4482 & wgf4482 =

I do not know him, but he meets your requirements.

PS: Consider, in addition, at the badges and "much" movement, the thing with the synonymous Funkübertragun can sometimes go in your pants. Breaks, pops, etc., may as synonymous with still happen. Hard difficult ...

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