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Frage von kimika:


I would like to grow a full-HD camcorder and do not quite know what. I know myself quite good with SLR cameras, but unfortunately not with video. Max. ¬ 600 I would spend, like, of course, no less!

I want to use the camcorder while traveling. I am the one hand s.and in other rain forests to deserts but on the way synonymous. Now, I want to travel to Antarctica and use the camcorder there (so much ice and on snow).

For me most important one is the greatest possible opt. would zoom, I like movies animals in the wild. Therefore, for me in the narrower choice of JVC GZ-HM 335 and the Panasonic HDC-SD66.

To what would you advise me! Or something else entirely?

In advance ever thank you for your answers.



Antwort von actaion:

SD66 advantages:
- Better (optical) stabilizer
- Touch Screen

Benefits HM335
- Filter threads available (possible use of filters and converters)
- Remote control while
- 8GB of internal memory already with it.


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