Infoseite // JVC Everio GZ-HM400 the best in its price range? (VorstellPosting)

Frage von Aljosha:

Hello dear slashCAM forum! ... Before you bombing with questions I would like to begin by introducing once and for all the helpful information thank you that I have received in your forum already.
My name is Aljosha, am 24 years and come from the Düsseldorf area. At the moment I hit back to school, but I am lucky to November and have finally finished my high school.
My first passion lies in music production, but I discovered a month ago the shooting synonymous for me, for which I have in my drunken state at 4 o'clock in the morning, bought on Ebay a SonyHandycam DCR-DVD306E!
Since I spend much time in front of After Effects and have the program where you can say after a month, all right through. Two trashy video clips are created at the time and a 20 minute 'show' in which I just dreamed about effects, etc. reingehaut have them, I've learned through YouTube tutorials.
Now after one month and three works, I have no desire to invest my time and energy into bad Picture & sound quality and therefore would like to buy an HD camcorder.
In the search for professional advice, I'm on the internet purchase came to this Page, since I click with the help of the forums search through the posts and I must say: I am humming the head!
But I've learned a lot and have seen that one for about 500 ¬, which I would like to invest, not all can have advantages in one device.
My choice is to visit a Saturn on the JVC Everio GZ-HM400 fallen.
I have been synonymous in the forum, if not the entire Internet, durchgelsen test reports, etc. to the device, and my personal Conclusion is that the cam is real in order for the price range.
Because I am a very mindful buyer as long as I am under no influence of alcohol:), I wanted to ask prior to purchase again on a direct path, which keeps the Forum of the JVC Everio GZ-HM400.
I'm glad to be on this board and am looking forward to my experience, results and to share my knowledge with you.


Antwort von Aljosha:

So then I will sometimes describe my amateur impressions of the JVC Everio GZ-HM400 times.
Positive I find all the direct hits on the different settings. What I find virtually synonymous, the accessory shoe that is standardized and therefore for all Manufacturer's compatible. For the strengthened me in the purchase decision that the camcorder was very much tested and already in its price class is the best in most cases.
But what I find and negative ask what I have is of the CMOS converter. I have read in the forum that the CMOS converter is still immature and not recommended for 'cheap' is Cams.
To which that provide wide-angle to me, although I do not have my Comparison SonyCam, but what I have sounds scary except to GELSENWASSER. Is it worthwhile to Cam for 190 ¬ expand with a wide AngleObjektiv, or are you then in a price range where you should buy a different cam better? " Another question is whether the Cam Halbbildvefahren starts in or just the possibility of progressively to export the video? ... How many frames per second makes the Cam effective? How bad is the display or it is enough to Einstellugen to judge correct?
The last question was: Why do you find the cams that are in the price range of ¬ 600 is recommended you not to purchase? ... What would you recommend me for the Money?
I'd be more than happy to answer!


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