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Frage von Horst:


someone has experience with the JVC GR-DX75E, I got the camera for 2 years and never had any problems.

The camera was used in the October 05 the last time everything was OK

24.12.05 Yesterday I wanted to make some shots, and nothing works. In the recording mode A or M, the device displays only black screen, synonymous with the viewfinder, only black. In the sound recording will be logged, but no Picture. Reproduction of previously recorded shooting is possible without restriction.

The monitor displays the message "lens cap" even though the cap is removed. Another symbol makes me think, the symbol for manual focus flashing, synonymous in the main switch position "A".

Have a camera out reset, no change.

The camera I bought from a dealer in Hamburg online, guaranteed, of course, 4 weeks ago (25.11. Expired).

S.besten How do I get out of this number again, who can help?

Greeting s.Alle



Antwort von BlueEnergy:


have the same problem you have already found a solution

gruß Björn


Antwort von prem:

Exactly the same problem I have with the DX45. Is really the vomit. Seems to be an isolated case. Once, I still have them come to life when I had selected reset menu Cam then went and nothing more.


Antwort von GS 10 auch keine Aufnahme:

I have a Panasonic GS10 and had just expired the same problem just 2 years old and warranty. Have you ever found a solution, you would be very grateful.
Regards Marion


Antwort von seeigel:

I have found a GR-DX75 with the same problem and at the JVC # 8
Quote: Question 8: No camera image / disturbed camera image recording and display at LENS CAP appears, even though the lens was removed. What should I do?

Answer 8: In a small number of devices and under certain conditions can lead to failure in this unit of the CCD imaging sensor. The result is missing or disturbed camera image and / or the message Lens cap even though the lens was removed.

The reason for this failure was a faulty CCD component. Repairs that occur because of this defect will be charged synonymous conducted after the warranty period. This action is limited to 1.October 2007.

If this problem applies to your device, please contact s.das JVC Competence Center.
Telephone: 01805 6666 1066
Fax: 01805 6666 1067

The device is then collected from you and after repair of s.The address given to you back. If the outage was caused by the defective CCD device as the whole process is free of charge for you.


Antwort von maxtax:

The service offered by jvc repair center does seem nice and good, but do you call on there, you get to hear that in the event of defect s.diesem ccd component lying and you should not decide to leave the cam-corder to repair, one in all cases for the return of 45th - Euro löhnen needs. The problem however is that it can not be verified as a customer, determine exactly what the mechanics there as a defect. But it will be repaired free of charge only if it is a defective ccd component. At my request, as often as it is the case, suggest that other components of the host defect were broken, you could give me any information. For me it all sounds s.wie one racket. Finally, JVC should provide for the common vulnerability of this product, which they wear to give the market synonymous, responsibility, and are equipped in all cases for devices with such sensitive technology, a free service.


Antwort von Markus:

"maxtax" wrote: [jvc] ... but it calls there, you get to hear, dass ..
A similar experience I had recently made at JVC Professional. A clerk from the service, s.der I'm hard as a customer over, behaved unprofessionally in my eyes, and unfriendly. In my observation, it offer is for a case of warranty and that I could prove it, she reacted as if I had personally attacked her. The result was that my device first place two weeks "forgotten" was. Then came an estimate that exceeded the original price.

Shortly after, I had direct contact with the competent service, which proved positive. My warranty case was briefly acknowledged that, served as administrator at the aforesaid leave. ;-)

So do not give up but try again and send the defective unit directly with details of links to similar cases, or an expression of the recall.

And very important: Never be unkind or irrelevant! The right person that we encounter at some point, should not be vergrault. ;-)


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