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JVC GR-PD1 - kann man volle auflösung capturen oder nicht ?

JVC GR-PD1 - you can capture full resolution or not?

Frage von deepcode:
Dezember 2005

Who knows?
z.zt.läuft in eBay a sellout of jvc JVC GR-PD1 cams that offer real progressive mode, and after all, quite decent picture.
Now there is wiedersprüchliche statements in various youth space - some say it is possible the full quality (digitally capture 1280 x 625 or above) DO NOT, some say that's just not documented but works ..
If anyone can definitively say whether the Cam & you get the full Resolutiondes mpeg HiRes modes 1:1 in the PC?
btw - who has the cam, how good the images look when turning at normal room lighting - is needed because even gain, is rustling Picture?

Antwort von jens:

Sellout for: pay in any case not more than 1000 ¬. January for his (seller in a Munich Saturn) said vornicht too long ago that things would be ticked for that price during regular trading.

Antwort von wolfgang:

We have studied the matter long and it does not reliably capture the pure rausgefunden. Some tools to identify the material as 720p, but I myself have only SD resolution - 720x576 at times so capturing. However, with the high data rate of 720p.

Another indication that the camera actually only 720x576 writes to tape, is the fact that one can write only synonymous to 720x576 rendered material via firewire to tape back.

Interestingly, however, is not so much the point. The material has a considerable namely goodness, and can be very high quality and easy to inflate to 720p. And all that a surprise: the difference with "real" 720p JVC HD101 material is fairly low - I have compared the two camcorders of test clips s.Plasma that PD1 is here quite well off.

Somewhat more detailed tests on this camcorder can be found here:


And test material - but as in 720p wmv Resolutionhochskaliert - is found here (achtung, 60 MB per file):

In sum, I think the camera for good - and am quite satisfied with the picture quality.

Antwort von MiXMaster:

For the Resolution: With a Windows PC to go over in any case, only the PAL standard 720x576. But those who see in Comparison to what we know of other consumer DV cameras, damn sharp. Moreover, there is the 50p option. Hence, the camera is very interesting. Should only - as Jens already said - remain under priced. 1,000 euros for today should be the upper limit, krachneues synonymous for a model.

The lowlight behavior of the camera it is not so glorious, but I can say to a question about "normal room lighting," not much, because what is "normal" and s.wann Noise and color reduction falls on unpleasant?
In any case, there are better cameras, when it comes to rather poor light conditions.


Antwort von deepcode:

Thank you!
I got the views - looks like a typical SD uprez, for the price actually quite good.
XL2 comes uprez of sharpness about the same, only the cam will cost a little bit more ..
Colors are IMO but rather naja.

I am afraid I will be next year but have to dig very deep in the pocket .. ;-)

Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, then wirds halt much more expensive. Being synonymous, of course, can not wait for me, what will make JVC and Panasonic - whether and when to come of the Page synonymous around 720p camcorder in PAL land.

Currently, only the stop HC1 priced cheap - it crops up the FX1 and then the professional appliances ala JVC HD101 / Canon / Pansonic. It then runs stop s.7000 Euro upward.

Antwort von deepcode:

Of all the HDV cams do not believe me - sharp, yes, but no picture aesthetics, everything looks just cheap. The worst is almost the expensive XL H1. If anything, the small HC1 HDV tuts synonymous, but this is a sonytypisch mutilated toys.
Can password deinterlace HDV synonymous, since flicker show fine edge by the high compression of video type fast.
The only good IMO Z1 footage was filmed with a 35mm adapter, which looked good but that the sharpness is gone, then I might as well use a DVX and have a better look.
Liking to me the previous footage of the HVX200 - up to 1 / 3 typical high depth of field sees the whole been very good.
I guess buying the U.S. - a model for just over 5k and maybe shoot erstmal normal DV to the P2 Prices have set times.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, it will probably very expensive. With the HVX200 synonymous one must have the appropriate editing possibilities - even with the start of the DVC PRO HD codec that you need. And goes with the PC, the software - such as Canopus Edius NX braodcast and the next -.

This film is probably more DV pity.

Antwort von deepcode:

I hope that soon a QT based comes DVCProHD codec.
any possibility is already shown ..
If you know what ..

DV film - why not? eg if what makes it private - in the first line so decided by the look, and that is sufficient for the DVX already great. native 16:9 PAL in optimum sharpness looks very good on large screen diagonals from synonymous, clear 720p is better but there are no worlds in between. For professional use must be seen whether this new P2 cards, P2 ding with hard drive.

Antwort von Jan:

Yes, I hope I get the PD 1, finally this week inside ...

On the SD recording I wonder aloud only the JVC is an MPEG 2 compression is used for recording (eg, as HC 1 or FX 1). Why only when there is the standard SD format? Or because of the 16 / 9 CCD with the 625 lines, or the progressive recording? Well, Wolfgang knows that better ....


Antwort von wolfgang:

Jan, the answer is simple: there are just several of the PD1 record types.

HI-RES: 1280x659 effective pixels in 16:9, as m2t with 25 fps progressive recording. When playing via component of this mode is played out the way, even in 50p.

PS50: 941x485/839x576 effective pixels in 16:9 or 4:3, with 50 fps progressive record as a m2t

DV: 839x576 effective pixels in 4:3 interlaced with 50 fps as DV-avi recorded.

Even if everything s.tape with 720x576 lands: HI-RES offers the highest recording quality, I myself practically only in movies of this quality. They have to stop but as a m2t file, transfer it to PC, which works with the small tool supplied capture very well.

Antwort von chrisgau:

"wolfgang" wrote:
Even if everything s.tape with 720x576 lands: HI-RES offers the highest recording quality, I myself practically only in movies of this quality.

Can I just confirm. The whole thing looks even more on a 2.3m-wide screen very well. I know many commercial video DVD 's not much to look sharper. The PD1 is currently the only camera equal to or less ¬ 1000 which is suitable for people like me who want to see their results on data-progressive displays (eg DLP-Projektor/Leinwand).


Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

yesterday finally got the good piece. The cardboard skin with a more established ones. (4x as big as the JVC consumer models). I've never seen so many supplied accessories (tens RCA cable, brackets, and a supplied battery BN 428 (2800 mAh)!

In the handling is still the majority of the consumer class. Menu's are in a similar position.

At the first s.LCD watching television, yet it was not as good as the quality of the more genuine HDV HC 1 (Maybe I had the hi-res mode, not in it)

Is it really normal to me (it was said that even desired) a shallow pan's not synonymous with uncertainty can be expected so far. Only with manual time setting of 1 / 100 was used as consumer? Wolfgang?
Especially in the 25 P mode. Sorry, I had until then only with Halbbildmodellen filmed.

Well I'll look at me again if I sell more and not all rental s.Wochenende times to get to know the good piece.
Ps: the first 10 minutes I was sold after issuance s.einen snowboarders them synonymous already knew and had read a lot.


Antwort von wolfgang:

The PD1 is not an HDV camera - but only a sort of cross between DV and HDV. From the Page here it is not as good as an HDV camera, what the Resolutionangeht.

The HiRes mode is switched on with the big sliding knob, before the display on,. Are drawn on the position hires - to screen out -.

The blur on pans must be in my opinion - otherwise you have to Schenk 25p format with one jerk. Bewegungsunschärfte is seen as good because it makes movement seem more natural.

I myself movies either with 1/25s, or with 1 / 50 - as a rule.

Also in Vienna, the sales started at 990 euros - seen in the SCS in Wr. Neudorf.

Antwort von MiXMaster:

>> The first time watching television, yet it was the s.LCD
>> Quality is not as good as the more genuine of HDV, HC 1

As good as the quality of the HC1 can not be synonymous. But in the HiRes mode probably be better than what we are of all DV cameras in this price class (ie, at about 1,000 euros), still vsdann as a true 16:0. That synonymous cameras like the XL-2 or DVX-100 that could possibly be topped, synonymous clear. But I do not get again for 1,000 euros.


Antwort von Jan:

Thank you,

oh well for me progressive recording is synonymous uncharted territory, probably need a little more time. It reminds me of the Size s.meine old XM 2 - finally, a model to be a certain "professional" looks right.


Antwort von wolfgang:

Nor to blur: one's true that I observe synonymous with my device: switches to one of HiRes at P50 or DV, we have considerably less blurring than in HiRes. What exactly is that now, probably halt s.den 25p instead of the 50i/50p.

But we must respect the fact halt during the shoot. 25p will stop a lot of film-like look.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Yet the following information to do so. I have now considered next time the slewing behavior on my plasma via component - and this is in the HiRes mode significantly worse than in other modes of PD1.

Further details here:
http://videotreffpunkt.com/thread.php?boardid=42&threadid=1864&page=1 # 3

But it may be synonymous, that can handle the least-vision devices with a doubling of the 50p output when HiRes PD1. As I then tested Plasmas and LCDs with the device, I have found exactly one device where Hirrs pans have been shown seamless. Details here:

I have not bought it for cost reasons, this device yet. But maybe you've got the Philips stand with you - then hang the PD1 via component but once there, turn, and look at the pans on.

Antwort von Jan:

Hello Wolfgang,

the 37 "since mid-December, he is no longer in my Saturn. since I only have the 32er, I hope he comes back soon.

Yes, I had little time (Christmas and exchange stress) but the next few days / weeks I'll even have time to look at several models to me. The first was a vision device LG 37 LP 1 R (I really do not think much of the company that had me quickly rausgesucht one)

The material of the HC 1 (I know bad Comparison) was better, at length, I had hoped for a bit.

Get me good times synonymous plasma's look like:
Pioneer PDP 506 XDE A or Panasonic TH 50 PV 500 E

Thanks for the tip's


Antwort von wolfgang:

Whether the plasma really "good" - well that's relative. I have the PD1 then s.einem expensive of the two tested (can not remember exactly s.welchem). Which showed the same problem.

Only the Philips had not halt. One possible explanation was then halt, that they were all designed for the NTSC 60Hz world - but in the data sheets of the Philips, I just stop reading the text that could constitute synonymous 50 Hz (the sheet) should contain some errors. But the now obs is really - I do not know.

Antwort von Jan:

Wolfgang because you have been right again (how often!)

In other LCD TVs (LG is probably really decided .... eiden).
In a Pioneer or a Samsung LCD (types I do not now know in my head looked so about 2500 ¬ Class), the Picture, at lengths better.

What has struck me, however, that the JVC (with mixed light What so extreme in such media, Saturn etc markets exist) already had a few problems, which adds a splash on the screen. The HC 1 had few problems since the HC looked strangely 1In the event almost all LCD similarly well made and the differences were rather small.

If I was zooming in, but with 10x s.irgendein object of difference to HC 1 was barely visible today, which meant one or the other customers get the JVC is better Picture
in the performance of both models (they were on 10X, the same motif and 2x the same
Pioneer LCD Television, both with component cables and of course, with the JVC Progessive Edition)

I think I come without a test from normal light is not.

But try your tip on many models is absolutely right and sometimes when I look at the 37 "Phillips get.


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