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JVC GR-PD1, Sony HC1 oder doch lieber Canon XM-2

JVC GR-PD1, SonyHC1 or would you prefer Canon XM-2

Frage von rubbedikatzzz:
Februar 2006


I have just decided to take my life as a passive reader of this highly informative forum (praise s.dieser place! exit) to and in contact with you.

I have after much attention to her and of the GR-PD1 JVC decided to try out (ie to buy) and was really surprised of the quality synonymous very positive. In this (by the current fall in prices conditional) price category, I have such a top picture is not really expected. The only reason why I have returned them the following: 1 How a man should deal with mere mortals such movie files of the Third Kind. I did not invest in a program before 1000 ¬ to editing. And 2 I find that the GR-PD1 takes an eternity to set after a zoom on a wide object, the sharpness. That was my old HC17 even faster. With this unit are probably the people are satisfied that a year ago, nearly 3000 euros to have forked out. Let us leave this question times in the space available. But no preference upset, as you know is useless, therefore, states that search further for a suitable action.

Envisioned I have the HC1. I'm almost convinced to buy it, but troubles me why a long-standing Cam as the Canon XM2 will still sell so expensive. And the demand does seem synonymous, despite HDV dawning age does not tear. That must be a reason. Would it not put a few more years on the well-known SD - Quality and ignore all the HDV kram. Mini DV with SD quality is mature yet and discards useful results. Why should I use HDV?

I know that this issue is now probably the s.häufigsten and s.kontroversten is debated but what can I ask anyway times in the round. How does it look at the XM2 owners. Missing her already somewhat s.Qualität if ye so many HDV recording show favoritism, or do you see the matter calmly. I'm really s.verzweifeln, finally, I do not want these exorbitant sums for nothing and invest schwarzärgern me afterwards.

Gruß, Martin

Antwort von AndyZZ:

If you have returned the JVC because of the post-issue, then you need you the HC1 of Sonygar not just watch. Has in HDV mode, namely, the same claims as the JVC, if not sharper. If yes, only the XM2.

Antwort von rubbedikatzzz:


so my purchase of the above problem is still not resolved. However, I am joined today with a visit to the HC1 to the accessory shoe that looks pretty small. I mean, the only, or I can not fit out my Sennheiser MKE300 or a video light. Synonymous here, I've already researched the forum, but I never find it now.

Could someone tell me if my assumption is correct (hopefully not).


Antwort von Jan:

Hello Martin,

unfortunately this is known as direct the Sennheiser MKE300 not draufpasst to the Sony shoe. The intentionally a smaller size by only Sony accessories store on it.

At some point, somebody once built an adapter or adapter of talking one purchasable from the Far East at Slashcam. I can not confirm the statements, however.
I hope he still logs on.

The PD 1 is already very popular for the hit price, I sold my last day.

Yes it is known that the AF synonymous in the entry-level Sonydeutlich ahead has to JVC.


Antwort von Marco:

deleted by user

Antwort von wolfgang:

Actually, Mark is right - is all that can be said on this thread, let it be. " Deleted by user.

Both for the HC1 as the PD1, it's just necessary to know how to transport streams processed - and what comes with the tools. One can now read all about it on forums.




Undisputed is the processing of DV-avi is still easier than ever of transport streams. Although this will be more and more, with the development of cutting programs.

And the question of whether one wants to take no better a XM2 is not a simple question. The XM2 is a great DV-avi device has very good control during the shoot (even better than the HC1, or synonymous, the PD1). Lowlight capabilities are probably better than the HC1 as synonymous to the PD1. To cite examples. But it's just a DV-avi device. Halt, the question arises, which represents a more important because ... employment with the different features and strengths and weaknesses before the purchase can be recommended only one there.

Antwort von Sam_Broggs:

It's not like that I had read anything about the cams, I have all the threats that you have read and linked to me kindly. Nevertheless, I now feel that everything is worse.

The more I pickings, the more difficult the decision. Perhaps something to my application area: I do mostly wedding videos and videos of city festivals and birthdays. Yes I want that my clients get a very good material (which are probably in the next 5 years, not on HD) change, so would be an XM2 probably advisable. On the other hand, the XM2 I have not had in hand, so I could not test whether it really makes a much better picture than the GRPD1 in DV mode, and whether or not they synonymous as "slow" as the focus GRPD1. Because then I could take the synonymous PD1, finally, it costs only about half.

Please do not do immerso as if the newcomers would not check the forum. I have read the complete "FX Support" and determines all threats to the XM2 and PD1. And yet I do not somehow seem to cope.

Thanks for your answers

Antwort von rubbedikatzzz:

I was the guest:)

Antwort von wolfgang:

And what to think when someone postet, he simply does not bring the PD1 material on the plate - when you can just read about how to do it? And then says he would have read before all the links, where the inside is eh?

Threads communicate primarily experiences, facts, and then even more opinions. The pure "How to Do" may be inferred from the links above to read already. But if you think that you made the whole experience, facts and opinions for your special background will not be smart, but that is an entirely different question. Then the question is this, "something for you and your background is now really the right device."

And against the background that you really want to stay in 4:3, and are directed straight from wedding videos to synonymous darker churches, etc., I would not take the PD1. And this is because their properties after lowlight measurement data are definitely worse than the XM2. Synonymous, and the manual headroom sound is one XM2 has its advantages. Aka many wedding videographers work more synonymous with the SonyVX2100 - the lowlight on easy is good, and the synonymous for you what could be.

For the auto XM2 I can say little - I have this camcorder does not stop, but I know the test reports. And there I have not read anything about an inadequate auto focus of the XM2.

But if it can work so that your clients synonymous s.16: 9 Material may be interested, and of HDV, it would probably a FX1, a Z1 or a JVC HD100 synonymous still a good choice. But since you're just slow in a different price range. And the thing is much more complicated when you need it anyway just 4:3 SD material. Frankly, against this background, I hold an HDV camera for you sooner for the wrong choice - prefer to look at the XL2 and the VX2100 on accurate.

Antwort von rubbedikatzzz:

Thanks for your advice I think I just need someone who just pushes me in the right direction. I think that I will take the XM2 with HDV and wait another few years would. Until last spring in the HDV - madness went off but all were HELLAUF begeister of the XM2. Then you have to be synonymous well.


Antwort von wolfgang:

The XM2 is synonymous certainly good, and it has benefited a purchase today, but of the substantial fall in the DV-avi camcorder that with the advent of the used-HDV devices. Seen in HDV, you use is already something.

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