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Frage von Schuu:


following task: I can currently produce no data connection between my JVC GR-PD1 and a Vista Calculator. Whether with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 or Windows Movie Maker (; chief AVI transmission) - Capture impossible (; DV mode, FireWire). Transmission s.oder breaks the calculator, the camera will not even recognize! Even material in MPEG2 format (; Hi-Res) can not be transferred.

It seems no updated drivers or the like by JVC that assures the PC world stops for this camcorder, apparently with XP. Somebody has an idea that can lead to a solution - before I have a "hard reset" and make the camera out the window throw?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von tbird700:

Hello Holger,

I have the same problem with the Vista successor - Windows 7 USB nothing happens, the camcorder via Firewire as a "device" "JVC GRPD1 detected. the installation of the JVC capture tool works, but the camcorder is not recognized.

After a couple of times-in and disconnect the JVC GR-PD1 ends up as a DV camcorder "under the" duly recognized devices ", but about capturing the JVC tool is still not possible because of that very cam is still not is detected.

On the part of JVC, there is only silence. When you consider what it cost when the camcorder on the market since call (brief ¬ 3.600,00) really only as an absolute audacity.
To me it has not succeeded so far to be able to locate the camcorder on Windows 7. There remains only the müßgie solution: XP and Win7 instalileren parallel.

Has anyone found another solution?


Antwort von Marco:

For me, the capture works with Windows 7, both with MPEG as synonymous with DV material. Windows 7 synonymous recognize the camera immediately after the wiring properly classified as PD-1.
For capturing, I use Vegas Pro and then the camera will also be recognized correctly.
I have no drivers need to install separately, nor have I installed the JVC in-house capture tool.

The connection for video capture via FireWire, of course, must be done. USB is not designed for such cameras for synonymous and not suitable.



Antwort von srone:

see here




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