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JVC GY-DV 500, Sony DSR 300 oder Ikegami HC 210?

JVC GY-DV 500, SonyDSR 300 or Ikegami HC 210?

Frage von Christian Dethlefs:
Oktober 2006


I am planning for our graduating class 2008, a film project and need professional advice for your

Inspired Sönke Wortmann's Summer of story I would like the last two years our school with the camera support (certain events, teaching moments, etc. -), of course, not every day.
Since I myself possessed no camera, I inquired at the Open Channel keel, the device adds.
This has three devices for Choice, the differences I have not yet become clear. I work a little while privately synonymous with the shooting, but not with such a professional camera. Therefore, I would be synonymous join a beginner course.

The three are mentioned in the title of cameras:
[list] - JVC GY-DV 500
- SonyDSR 300
- Ikegami HC 210
[/ list: u: 5c07ca50b5]

I would be glad if you could tell me briefly the merits of different cameras, so I have no idea what would s.besten suitable for me.

Briefly to what I want to achieve: to be a film that should of course not win any Oscar, but has had a certain quality.
Means, for example: 16 / 9 I'd prefer a 4 / 3! Furthermore, I would like to ensure that the product looks more like film than after RTL soap.
I do not know why this is, but in my eyes work movements in shooting still a little calmer, almost slower. Home Video cameras often have the touch to have come across very abruptly and moves quickly. (Can you tell me of why is that?) In any case, it would be nice to 'get the former.
In addition, I am a calm camera work important. Because I think the shoulder is better than holding the hand position?

Thank you once before in advance!

Christian Dethlefs

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Christian,

if you previously had not yet camcorder in hand, all three devices are equally inappropriate. Many Beginners tend to the nature of the camcorder due to the quality of the resulting video film. But this is not so. A bad driver is synonymous not be able to drive better when he sits s.Steuer a Mercedes. ;-)

Perhaps you watch all three units times closer s.and might explain to you, someone from the open channel, which individual advantages and disadvantages of those models have. A very important point is ussynonymous the operation and since each user defines a different scale.

But what speaks against handy tools à la VX2100? You really want to lug around for the entire period, together with a shoulder Camera Tripod, Batteries, tapes, etc. with a total of * (several tons)? ;-)

* It will appear to you, at least for some time.

"Christian Dethlefs" wrote:
Furthermore, I would like to ensure that the product looks more like film than after RTL soap.

Search, search term "Film look" (bring your patience!)

Antwort von matte:

The JVC 500 can tick I think that is absolutely inappropriate for Beginners: Poor lowlight properties No SteadyShot (I hinzubekommen working almost daily with the camera so quiet and shoulder shots really need any training and volume ne quiet shoulder),
In addition, the camera with the Standartwechselobjektiv is extremely unweitwinklig making it into classrooms and hallways full s.falschen place is pretty and 16:9 kannste synonymous hook!
I would put you, the VX2100 also fond of Sony, with which you can get out with little experience and know even mannered images, the camera is also pretty small and handy!

Antwort von Christian Dethlefs:

Thanks for your answers only once.

The thing is just simply that I would be happy with anything other than filming with my little digi-cam, so that something comes out, what one can show synonymous and may consider synonymous to :-) And since I generally look for larger cameras can have an advantage over the mini DigiCams.

Of course, I would demonstrate the open channel only once a course, which makes handling the camera closer. No question that the handling is otherwise impossible.

The result is just synonymous why I tend to be one of the three cameras. I myself have just a very small one. And when OK is the possibility of lending. Around here would be possible to borrow other cameras, I would certainly consider it synonymous.


Antwort von Markus:

"Christian Dethlefs" wrote:
... so that something comes out, what you can show synonymous and may consider synonymous to :-)

What liegts that with your camcorder does not come out that what you wanted to see? Power of the camcorder all wrong? Have you engaged yourself schonmal with the manual features? And what's with the aesthetic aspect of a video recording and the story from?

With a large shoulder-mounted camera you ever would have the model and Optics had no other choice but to adjust everything yourself. But then you are so may be very busy with the technical aspect of the video recording that no more free space remains in order to respect most motif, the screen layout and the dramaturgy.

Every ambitious videographers and synonymous professionals here in the forum and also you will confirm that the learning of the camera work is a process of years and nobody has been able, with the visit of a seminar once only top-producing recordings.

A camcorder with a reliable automatic s.Anfang at least I thought fit.

Antwort von tebert:

Perhaps one aspect: The JVC only takes miniDV tapes while you can feed the Sonysynonymous with standard tapes (DVCam and DV).

Antwort von filmer mit ambitionen:

Hello, this thread, is already one years old, but it is probably never too late to correct inaccurate information to:
Christian, you believe that one comes with a shoulder-mounted camera to a better result than with a simple amateur cameras like the VX-2100 is correct. However, this camera requires a little more training, who has already been filmed, but I know after 1 hour, what to watch.
Amateur camera (yes, the synonymous with the word "professional" and even the black one) have automatic functions for focus, exposure, white balance, etc. Not because the camera industry, the moviemakers are looking to treat with the latest technology, but because a viewfinder, the higher Resolutionhat as the DV - (or even HDV -) system is really expensive, at Ikegami eg more than 3000 EUR - only for the viewfinder!
The same is true with the buttons for the exposure (aperture) and the White Balance. A chip that makes the car, only costs a few cents, a reasonable switch but 4 EUR and more
Whoever therefore wants to make the effort and with a heavy camera with severe Batteries, a suitable tripod synonymous (hard to turn) wants, and knows how to properly focused (if it may look in the viewfinder tube, the DSR-300 synonymous sharp) and a White to balance with one SW viewfinder is that here is at least technically correct and get better pictures. Whether it is a better movie out of it is another matter.
And the lack of sensitivity to light? Whoever that in a thread (or elsewhere) Designate as an argument for an amateur camera, the shooting has not a clue. In a classroom with fluorescent lights on a camera, it can be bright enough for others too dark, but in each case leads to meaningless scenes. Light is it you do not, make it "hell", but to create mood. And with the blanket of neon never entstet a mood.
Tip for you Christian: Do not listen to people who understand nothing of the shooting, identified the fact that they recommend a VX-2100 as the ultimate camera, rather than as a last resort for people who do not want to deal with technology and want to live with blurry boring pictures .
Movies with an amateur camera in auto mode can be seen daily on television, if people like it - but that has nothing to with his film, which is hold out a "Camera", it gets sent anyway, synonymous though the focus is on the background and the Interviewees will be blurred shown.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"filmer with ambitions" wrote:
... simple amateur cameras like the VX-2100 ...

I think "simple amateur camera" is something else ;-) Sooo bad the VX2100 is now synonymous not!

"filmer with ambitions" wrote:
Do not listen to people who understand nothing of the shooting, identified the fact that they have a friend VX-2100 as the ultimate camera, rather than as a last resort for people who want to live ... with blurry boring pictures ...

Who with a VX2100 turns blurry boring pictures, will do so in at least the same degree with a professional camcorder shoulder ... No one has the VX2100 is recommended as the ultimate camera, but for the targeted purpose, they would certainly be a better choice than one of the three other models. I once say, I can very well appreciate, because I myself possess, and the VX2100, for example, just of a rotary (Live and EB) with the JVC GY-DV5000 back. Actually, however, Mark has already written everything Useful / Helpful on this issue.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Filmer mit Ambitionen:

I disagree with it. There can be no doubt that there really are only a few exceptional situations in which you can rotate in automatic mode, 99% have to be with manual focus and / or manual exposure rotated. And just because there is a lack VX-2100 & Co. For now focus you need a good high Resolutionund viewfinder with a focus ring, which directly without Elektromotörchen, the lens elements so moved that the focus lies there, where you want it. Selective focus, focus shift - as distinguished from synonymous with a skillful camera work, forcing the VX-2100 & Co but at a reduced camera work and mislead us with Buckley bobble camera is happening. Dynamically called that - probably because nobody knows how to cut a dynamic sequence.

Antwort von Gabriel-Sancezz:

But nothing changes the fact that a rookie with a riff VX2100 better shots than during a busy turning operation with a professional camera.
With such a production would run away from him almost every motive ". I do not think that he views quickly s.einer a workshop such a smooth working Camera achieved.

It would therefore be ill-advised such expensive, heavy equipment hauling with the school when he achieved better with a different camera its objectives.

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