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JVC GY-DV 5000

JVC GY-DV 5000

Frage von robertosh:
November 2005


someone has already made experience with the device?
Would like to hear opinions about this a few times,
before I buy it used.

Here are a few characteristics:
1 1 / 2 years old (still under warranty!)
approximately 217 hours duration
Canon Lens YH16x7
Viewfinder VP-116E
3x IDX NP-L50 Batteries included Lit.Ion Loaders

Thank you!

Antwort von Sebastian:

I myself have the DV5000 and am very happy with it! The camera does some nice pictures, is very Lichtstark and is one of the few DV cameras, which can be operated professionally himself. As keywords, I will mention only the Sound Department, the entire front section with white balance control, gain, filter, etc.
If you have time with a Beta or Digibeta have rotated, you will navigate you immediately, because the controls are all well established.
The equipment you describe is very good: It is a good Optics the process of the better black and white viewfinder tube and IDX Batteries.

The 217 hours is not much time for the camera. My now has 170 hours on it and runs perfect. You should just ask the owner who has used his tapes and then use the same brand in any case, because the band locations, the DV5000 is very picky. If you shuffle tape type that leads to the DV5000 with reasonable certainty to recording errors ...

Conclusion: If the price is true I can only say: Buy!

But please note: Due to the weight of a good camera tripod is essential. Is the Recommended Sachtler DV8.

If you have more specific questions, I will try to answer you ...

Gruß, Sebastian

Antwort von robertosh:

Danke erstmal .. na it sounds very promising to erstmal ..
Only one thing: The Canon lens is manual, right? What does that mean? No autofocus? Have until now mostly been working with auto focus, as if some very fast pans and zooms are required, autofocus is very desired translation .. Now I want to achieve with this cam rather short films, is the lack of autofocus is now so bad? And what autofocus lens could you recommend me to the action?

Achso: And how much should I pay up for it???

Antwort von tom_wenzel:

short films for the Cam is unfortunately not at all suitable. Is an ENG camera, which is designed exclusively for news productions. I Would s.deiner agency looking for a suitable camera.

Antwort von PowerMac:

EB Camera with a proper manual Lens - for short films. And you have been filmed with the autofocus. Right?

Let it.
1. Camera is not suitable for the purpose
2. You probably synonymous. Take prefer a Prosumerkamera

Antwort von PowerMac:

Oh yes: there is no autofocus for professional cameras. There are no synonymous automatic for racing cars.

Antwort von robertosh:

apart from the fact that I unfortunately never experienced it on the EB-field bin (this may change after the sale ;-) you do not think the camera is not suitable for short films etc?!?

Antwort von Holger:

if successful indie films with XL2 or DVX rotated, then why not with the 5000?
The camera has a better and larger sensor (1 / 2''), thus bringing a little less DOF is what the film look schonmal engegenkommt, extremely good low light qualities and no noise.
1A should be interlaced with a DV signal is no problem and can be converted by software with good results to progressive.
The DSP's processing of the action a very high dynamic range, as shadows and lights are synonymous with high contrasts were drawn by and nothing eats. Cinegamma is synonymous available. The Resolutionder Sensors (800 lines internal) give a maximum s.Schärfe onto tape.

Antwort von maroni4:

can I connect my speakers only. The dv5000 is absolutely not suitable for kurzfilme And besides, you really seem to have other entitlements (autofokus ,...) prosumerbereich after you look at what other things that you may be happier ....

Antwort von K.-D. Schmidt:

Hi Folks,
what do you think it really <with> Short Film?

Do you think short posts? The film can be so good, in the area is the so-ENG s.der agenda.

Do you think that only a short scene? Can be synonymous to film it, of course, no quick fixes times just from the hip. Set Manually you have to have.

Do you have artistic short film? The film can be very good with it because with the Cinema setting is one of the film look a bit closer.

Who wants draufhalten times but only briefly on a subject without having to worry about major focus, Aperture, etc. to make, which is not so well served with this camera.


Antwort von Sebastian:

What's that for a crap? ... unsuitable for short films ...

Why is a camera with high dynamic range, good manual lens, Black tube viewfinder and excellent Tonsektion unsuitable for short films??

Please, let me share s.Eurem knowledge ...

Perhaps one might even make a "Short Film" synonymous times a decent sharpness shift, or go with the sharpness of moving protagonists ". Have fun with it ner DVX or XL2 ...

Also can I connect my preface only on sharpness depths (un) and deinterlacing in post production.

So please all substantiated your (semi-) knowledge. The DV5000 is an excellent camera for (almost) every Einsatztweck. One just needs to know how to deal with it.


PS Please do not be angry, but this Pauschalaussagen really upset me up!

Antwort von king_ben:

the rest is synonymous its predecessor, which has dv 500, not to be despised, in fact synonymous everything except the lcd, and the great possibility cassettes!

Antwort von Leini:


the camera is of course perfectly suited for short films. Who else has claimed that simply do not know.

Between consumer cams like the XL2 etc. and the DV 5000 just are worlds apart.

An auto focus you will not miss. The image quality is worlds better to compensate you for the manual Focusing.

Why exactly when "fast pans and zooms," an auto focus is needed? Here I think you're wrong but that can all learn and develop.

You should be in the clear to you that you are with the DV 5000 currency exchange in a different league, not only in price.

Price I would consider 3500 - 4000 euros to be appropriate.



Antwort von WW:


I've made so far with no experience of the 5000s, however, consider buying me such a model.

So far, I have a simpler Camera - the XL 1 of Canon. With whom I had actually always been quite satisfied. I have so film projects for local produce (cut with "Premiere") and individual settings for a publicly-provided service channels. In the latter case, the material on Beta-SP was copied. In the red is, however, fallen by the wayside and it was more an Orange - despite daylight lamps. Sample, I had time with the GY-DV 500 (ie, the predecessor of 5000, JVC), and work was inspired in Comparison to my XL 1: It has a much better viewfinder (the tube, b / w) and is much more sensitive to light. In other words, I would buy in now seven times Jahrne like a new camera.

How could I improve now? Is it even makes sense to buy a new camera at this stage? Or should we wait until the next HD format has evolved? A colleague advised me to borrow for the shooting just an old Beta SP Camera to. But this would cause problems in the follow - I would even make it to my calculator, a digital signal.

Here are the questions again in the proper order:
- Is a DV camera, the "only" old masters PAL format still make sense?
- If yes: Would the GY-DV them (5000 is the right choice is synonymous 16:9)?
- If not: Should we wait or buy a model like the DV-camera "GY-HD 100" or the successor s.Herbst "GY-HD 200"?

Thank you for an answer!



Antwort von matthew:

I think in any case that the most popular currently still excessively broad PAL is synonymous for several years especially here in Germany and soon will not just walk out of their heads.
certainly more synonymous HDV or even better HDTV equipment taken Addition and - if necessary, to runtergerechnet - for PAL.
But this is another cost associated with, and I think still too costly, especially if it will really be HDTV.

Therefore, the 5000 is still much to recommend (even owners of 500s bin), chop the only one in this series is that they really ONLY films to 4:3, and no 16:9!

gruß matthew

Antwort von K.-D. Schmidt:

... that they really ONLY films to 4:3, 16:9 and no ...

At least no REAL 16:9. Letterbox format is possible. The 5100 is synonymous true 16:9.


Antwort von WW:


thank you very much, and just one more question: Do you have an idea where you can buy cheap 5000 or 5100 (new or used synonymous)?



Antwort von PowerMac:



Antwort von WW:

Thanks and nice day!

Antwort von BillBo:

"K.-D. Schmidt" wrote:
... that they really ONLY films to 4:3, 16:9 and no ...

At least no REAL 16:9. Letterbox format is possible. The 5100 is synonymous true 16:9.


It's already a while ago that it was a question of 5000, but some come with their questions stop later.
I'm interested in how the camera takes 16:9 letterbox onto tape, so properly letterboxed with black bars or more like the VX 1000, which takes up the true picture in letterbox from 4:3 chip, but then scaled before being stored on the tape And the editing is so synonymous (as a true 16:9 material aspectratio 1:1,42) can be read.

Greeting Ulf P.

Antwort von HeikoS:

The DV5000 features with beams on top down
The DV5100 sklaliert the signal before recording anamorphic, as one is of most DV cams usual. Both cameras get their signal but from a 4:3 chip, so that one must reckon with both a resolution loss.

Antwort von Ulf P.:

Oh ha, I thought the record with letterbox heard a long time in the past.
Is there any possibility to do something there, possibly by means of optical synonymous with the Studio Tools for you?

Greeting Ulf P.

Antwort von Markus:

"Ulf P." wrote:
Is there any possibility to do something there, possibly by means of optical synonymous with the Studio Tools for you?

Whether there is something special synonymous for "proper optics" is I do not know. Look for a Anamophot.

Antwort von Jan:

The Camera gibts ja been synonymous since 2003. They are synonymous not ordinary CCD, it is to IT sensors, even a color LCD - actually rare in the Pro class - is with it. The strong happily-NP 1 Pro Battery is usable.

Top-heavy is the camera a bit depending on the optics. With LoLux gain to get even with little light or to a Picture, which can even more expensive Sony DVs not better, noise increases and then Resolutionsinkt Experience. The 5.5 kg but not without - keep one shoulder mounted camcorder.

Synonymous, it is a Full Auto mode for Aperture, Shutter and WAG, but honestly who can complete the semi-professional camera automatic "play"?

Even when I - as a relatively neueingestiegener prosumer videographers - never use the full automatic, the maximum setting for the WAG (if fit), rare AF - because just then in a situation where the camera will measure the degree of contrast, along with at the moment And it takes your film may completely disfigured with pumping out wild and forth, in previously adjusted the camera distance is not even on wild ideas.

In the clear impression it strikes every DVX.

The focus with the manual you manage to completely secure the supplied SW sharp viewfinder helps you synonymous with bad light, a little practice, but should be. Yes, the game together with many shifts focus & zoom you have to learn to stop ....


Antwort von HeikoS:

"Ulf P." wrote:
Oh ha, I thought the record with letterbox heard a long time in the past.

Well, so great is the difference between letterbox and anamorphic recording not when both are derived from a 4:3 signal. With an issue, you use the DV codec bsser a little off, but I dare once doubted that there are recognizable differences in a subsequent scaling of the Letterboxbildes in the mail.
Moreover, even proposing a letterboxed picture of a DV5000 a native 16:9 Picture a Consumercam still checking into.
Nevertheless, of course, would ne "DV5200" with 16:9 chip wat fine, but will probably go straight to HDV JVC eh ...

The front-loaded with a camera can be a Fire doors and 2 IDX Batteries compensate ;-)

Antwort von PowerMac:

With fake 16:9 (letterbox) you never get schonmal nen Anglehin Wide right. But afaik the 5100 is real anyway 16:9.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

In the prospectus JVC calls the procedure that the DV5100 uses the 16:9 recording, a "converted anamorphic compression, so it will actually be transformed electronical-touch.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Ulf P.:

subsequent scaling of the Letterboxbildes in the post there.

Thank you for the many tips on the 5000 and 16:9.
The problem lies exactly in the required post-scaling of the image when it comes to a letterbox's tape.
I must declare before reading the material, the subsequent format in the Project, ie 4:3 or 16:9 and then the entire video material is interpreted. Only then do I get me up to and including the issue, the real-time functionality. Both the scale of each clip or the final movie in the issue has only lead to unnecessary rendering times.

I see that the 5100 only comes into question if one wants to stay with this model.

Greeting Ulf

Antwort von HeikoS:

The 5100 is indeed the successor, which is synonymous with nor the signal processing has been improved. So if you are not an offer for print at the 5000'll, I'd take any case, the 5100th

Antwort von Chief_Wiggum:

Which camera would still be recommended, which is around 5000 to compare with the 16:9 and can?
With the previous model (500) I've already filmed and the camera was really good.
Now I'm more from the Post and need only sporadically clips. Unfortunately, images of the cameras from the VX and PD series are not satisfactory in the long run.
Notes I take very glad to meet.

Greeting Ulf P.

Antwort von Ulf P.:

see above

Sorry, forgot to login.
Greeting Ulf P.

Antwort von Jan:

As a good friend, the old DV 500 has, I can not agree with your opinion that the zb a much better picture quality than a DSR PD 170.

Yes the "plastic" impression is unobtainable with a PD - and then only with tools and adapters.

The viewfinder of the camera interchangeable Lenses and the basic construction of a higher class is undisputed.


Antwort von Ulf P.:

I need your help.
I'm supposed to handle material of a DV 5000, that is rotated on mini-DV. Now I'm having problems with the sample material. The picture stays in my player (BR-DV 600E) black, sound skips zero and the time code. The same tape played on the camera, everything is OK
I can not solve the problem.
Thank you very much
Ulf P.

Antwort von Matt58:

then change it to capture a bitch (other).
we had no problem during capture of DV500 material
with a small canon miniDV cam (mx anything i)
would have been synonymous with my pc100 was made just not their band sites.
gruß cj

Antwort von artisthh:

I use the camera ..... synonymous for almost two years

Before that I worked only synonymous with Auto-Focus .......
actually a couple of hours you have everything on it ........

The camera is just perfect. And especially for this price you'll get better ...... NOTHING absolutely NOTHING .....

And for fast panning, I think just a better manual focus .....
with AutoFocus focusierung could go wrong on the other hand, no manual .....

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