Infoseite // JVC GY-DV 5xxx 16:9?

Frage von Kar.El.Gott:

After my beloved GY-DV 500 coloring a small (mini-spot in the picture) has, I am looking for a (used) successor. From what can be the Model GY-DV 5xxx (true) 16:9?

And if someone makes such a model ... just report them. (I know, here is a 5000, but there is too much for me to accessories)

Gladly synonymous via Mail: ratsrepus (a)


Antwort von MacPro:

Unfortunately, no "true" 16:9:

Dv5000/5001: Letterbox

Dv51000: anamorphic recording but from 4:3 chips and thus without (relevant) Resolution profit.


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

The JVC GY-DV700 has 16:9 CCDs. Moreover, it is synonymous 2 / 3 "chips. Alternatively, the SonyDSR450 WSP


Antwort von UlfP:

One last question in connection with 16:9.
Is it according to your knowledge a widescreen converter for GY5000 and the standard Canon lens?

I'm trying my good 5000 in the league over 16:9 to save.

Greeting UlfP


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