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Frage von PowerPinguin:

Hello, you slashCAM.

I am looking for some time after a semi-professional camera.
A few days ago I found the perfect offer. A JVC GY-HD100, used, for 1100 ¬. Is not the best, but is the price with me in the realm of possibility.

The camera was, according to information provided by the seller, about 4 years ago bought and used exclusively as a reserve unit. Has reportedly only about 30 head hours.

I have looked at the camera site. All great, only one problem: the viewfinder flickers a little.

I have made some test shots synonymous, there is nothing on it to recognize.

Will the guy fooled me? Or this happens often, when such devices lying around long? Can you replace the viewfinder? Can I just buy a used Viewfinder? If yes, where? And .. Do I have the extra Amchem somewhere?

The camera is super and I've really got to me already. This is really stupid.

Has one of you a viewfinder? :)


Antwort von tommyb:

The camera can be switched between 50 and 60 Hz (ie between PAL and NTSC).

If you tested the camera under artificial light (as with Compensated fluorescent tubes have), the camera was at 60 Hz, then flicker a "normal".

You Have they been tested, but outside in normal daylight, then there may actually be a defect.

Go times before:
1) Is the camera at 50 Hz? If no change.
2) the shutter is activated? If so, then adjusting it to 1 / 50 (the shutter of the camera can be synonymous with ClearScan, so gradual adjustment of the shutter).
3) Flickers of Außenmonitor?

Provided that nothing hereafter any better (well, point three is just for Comparison), might it is in fact a defect. I type on the Lighting of the Micro displays in the viewfinder (it is really very small).

For example, if the small tubes because the care for the backlight have a defect, then you have a pulsating flicker. On a notebook TFT I've seen the example, as the auto dimming display was ...


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Penguin Power" wrote: ... Has reportedly only about 30 head hours ...
You you can in the camera menu, both the head hours as synonymous the running hours of the fan can show: So it is easy to check whether the information is the seller.


Antwort von 0711video:

hello penguin force,

your idea I find very commendable successes and wish you good:

But tell me, what will produce your young production company. documentaries, reportage, image videos for the internet? should take as little pizza shops have customer service or upload yours?
and: it must be hd or is synonymous pal quality SD, with the least you will experience no surprises when cut?

now for the story: sometimes I'll give further training courses for journalists and video have so synonymous with these 110s of JVC already made acquaintance. I would not buy used or new to, and I'll tell you why synonymous:

1) the objective standard is not wide angle. when you turn in tight spaces (and this is often the case), you come with this camera quickly or limits s.deine s.raumwände. a matching wide-angle lens to cost well over 5000 euro.

2) the camera has a pixel-tube and no viewfinder, with the aids you in spite of different sharpness and assess exposure in my opinion, can not really.

3) the camera has a lot of plastic buttons and switches, which deals synonymous times and twist like you're under very circumstances with the technology of the camera and you can no longer concentrate on the content or what you need for your video. then if the customer behind you, a young man of 17 years, stands that can already bissle very stressed out.

My idea: buy yourself a used SonyPD VX 150 or 2100, you get synonymous for 1,000 euro and the record in SD PAL. if your movies arrive later in the internet, this is thick enough. a cheap no-name wide angle Gibts synonymous to it. The camera has a big advantage. it has manageable switches and buttons can dock xlr-and microscopic features 530 lines of horizontal. and it can run entirely synonymous in automatic operation (not important in spontaneous, unrepeatable events. the camera you take off work, hide and sharpness control. you concentrate entirely on the image) also she is really bright. or are you looking around for a panasonix s.dvx 100th which is similar to of the easy-and has the same wide angle with it. trying times with the torrent used dv cameras. traders who used to give still cameras eg 12 month guarantee, I would give preferably.

two still cameras working with mini-dvs, with you today to cut hd-designed calculators can edit easily.

if you really want to work in hd, I would opt for a VDSLR, canon 550 d + a high-aperture objective and a nd filter. you get everything together for 1100 euro NEW. you have 24 months guarantee and so calm and you can completely seek acquisition.

nochwas: the film makes you certainly fun. but it is the end of a process, determine who is called: what will do my "produktionsforma" what I can do what I want to offer?
then you have people call and they convince them above that they have a video of you need. then it says: make an offer that the customer must first accept, then write a script undundund.

This is especially s.anfang difficult if you still do not have custom show and synonymous nothing can, perhaps, the father of your buddies a recycling factory, which autoreifen or someone has ne bakery, where pretzels are the best in Germany. I start with something like I would, but only after I had worked myself into the film and considered synonymous in many internet films. it is extremely important that you watch your movies of theirs, so you know, while you compete and what you can of other developing next to you.

the film-and video industry is a merciless and business success for underpayment unless you get a thank you rarely write.

because you still have some before, but you're only 17 and have so much time until you're 70th Da gehts los times - maybe! :-)

joachim :-)
The old man


Antwort von WoWu:

@ Penguin Power

Last you do not mistaken .... the camera is quite ok and just the ergonomics of convincing.
You must get to know them only well, and set reasonable and bear in mind when recording a few things.
Then it's really compelling images, synonymous due to the fact that it is the only camera that scans 720 native, unlike many others, rausinterpolieren it from 1080th
Also the lens is fairly well-matched to 720 and thus relatively moiré free.
It has not only drawbacks, but synonymous some real advantages.
And SD, you can also do with it.
You even here the advantage that the MTF in the upper area of SD is far better course than for any SD Camera.
But with an SD HD you will never hinbekomen if something requires a customer ... and which is supposed to not be so unusual.
Incidentally, it is the only camera that I know that you can adapt for relatively little money on in 720p50 4:2:2.
So do not chase you into Boxhorn.
Welcome to the club.


Antwort von tommyb:

Naaaaa ... I have to intervene:
"0711video" wrote:

1) the objective standard is not wide angle. when you turn in tight spaces (and this is often the case), you come with this camera quickly or limits s.deine s.raumwände. a matching wide-angle lens to cost well over 5000 euro.

It is not the best lens what you get with the camera - but it happens to be a "Kit Lens". For the then new price was already fine ne thing ... synonymous if this standard kit lens has its weaknesses.

For the wide-angle you can moreover take the original JVC Vorschraubadapter. The cost on ebay now and again to 300.

Otherwise ... You have right. The sharpness is impossible to judge (except with Focus Assist), for the display in the viewfinder is very small and has resolved (if I remember correctly) a width of 1 cm (the rest makes the viewfinder).

With all the switch's just the knob for the manual level are poorly fitted. Here one can actually trigger a disaster rather quickly ...


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