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Frage von BerndWa:


I've gained an FS-5, but did so no experience. I wanted to record yesterday on the FS-5, but had the same problem, in which format should I do it. I will rework in Premiere Pro CS4 and DV use. The material should be after the cut-ready TV. Who can tell me from experience, in which format (DV-RAW, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, QuickTime), I should record s.besten. I have little experience in the post and got my tapes so far delivered more directly to the studio.

Greetings of Sylt


Antwort von campool:

Hi Bernd!

So the RAW DV s.meisten Space is eating format, for you have available so that all your data uncompressed (the Picture-Abtastrate/Bitrate is very high). The disadvantage is that you get basically no great advantage in terms of sharpness or creation of artifacts exist. With older flash recorders could record but also to record up to eight uncompressed audio channels, provided they had mobile hardware that supported it. Whether this is your FS-5 can, I do not know. Otherwise, this format is simply too powerful for the mobile recording.

If you only aufnimmst DV, it's really no preference as to whether there are one or AVI AVI then two, then a prerequisite is that the editing system that understands both formats. In HD, which dominates the HD201 so with 720 lines and full-screen recording, an AVI is the right choice.

Quicktime is strong and compressed on Windows systems to process difficult. The Apple machines have the most trouble on it.

I hope I could help you!



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Campool" wrote: ... In HD, which dominates the HD201 so with 720 lines and full-screen recording, an AVI is the right choice ...
With AVI Type 1 and 2 should here synonymous only DV-AVI meant. With HDV1 (720p) or 2 (1080i) has nothing to do, if it is synonymous unfortunately very similar.


Antwort von campool:

Oh, indeed. I had embezzled. Thanks for the correction!


Antwort von Jott:

Considerable mischief. All options for the FireStore DV is compressed exactly the same (as a DV that is ...), with exactly the same data rate. Completely no preference whether as AVI, QuickTime or "RAW". Uncompressed is there nothing at all. We shall choose the DV version that tastes s.besten the editing system.


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