Infoseite // JVC GY-HM100 Deteien next to the video data - what?

Frage von Floopy:

On my camera, in addition to the MOVs or MPEG4 files stored synonymous other files.
But I do not know if that is important for irgenwas?

The MPEG movie file is, for example:

To be always following files saved


Maybe someone knows what to do with it.

Thanks in advance


Antwort von deti:

The other files contain thumbnails and shooting parameters. By SonyClipbrowser you can see when playing as the continuously changing aperture and focus values. For viewing and editing of the MP4, these data are not really necessary, but because they require little space, it bothers synonymous not to save the entire file structure s.BPAV.



Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

important it is for example the complete file structure to get where you want to re-transferred the data back to a map when the data of the HM100/HM700 eg again via HDMI or HD-SDI from the camera will play out.

For some projects where I only need the. Mov files, I admit synonymous only the next, since I then only select the best takes.


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