Infoseite // JVC GY-HM100E + Magix Pro X2 - experiences?

Frage von WS-Video:

does anyone have experience with this combination?
I'm currently thinking to create this combination, but would like to be sure whether the format of the JVC HM100E harmonizes with Pro X2.

Thank you in advance for quick answers.

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Antwort von schlaflos011:


should not be a problem. I once the demo version on the notebook (Intel Core Duo 2GHz, 4GB ram) tested my wife. My JVC GY HM-700 mp4 files were easily identified and it could be synonymous snippets reasonably fluent.
But I must synonymous say that I had 2.3 crashes. I know something from the iMac - not (i5 4gb ram) and Final Cut ;-)

A friend has a trial run on a quad core PC and the very stable - it is of the Magix software XPro enthusiastic.


Antwort von WS-Video:

Thank you for your helpful response was to get more information and will set my equipment or software.

So if my PC configuration with Quad Core i7 + 12 GB RAM to run without problems:)

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