Infoseite // JVC GY-HM700E or Sony HVR-S270E

Frage von EightRocks:

Moin moin together.

I would like to sort out my set a new camcorder and my old XL2.
I want to upgrade to HD and all the best tapeless. Whether now Flash Player, SD Card, SxS or what ever is synonymous first secondary. Only NoTap more.

I've picked out the mitlerweile something in the aging Sony HVR-S270E, with which I could even score a few experiences and thus the handling was quite good in it, and the JVC GY-HM700E.
The camera I do not yet know personally, but I found pleasant on by price and good workflow in the post. The CCD's to tell me something more, but that is probably more a question of faith.

What the Camera would be better for me?
I turn s.Tag mainly on motor sports events, but then in the evening synonymous Kunst-/Konzertlicht on anschliesenden parties or similar
Extreme Low-Light is zuvernachlässigen more. Should something be asked, can I rent a EX1 / 3.


Antwort von schlaflos011:

The power of Sony's "only" HDV.

If you buy new, I would choose the new JVC model.

Reaping you with Final Cut? I love the workflow with our HM700.


Antwort von EightRocks:

Current I cut Magix Pro X3.
In the course of Kamereumstellung is synonymous but a new Schittrechner including FinalCut


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