Infoseite // JVC GZ HD 30 or Panasonic HDC SD 100??

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I would like to buy myself an HD camcorder and am just beginning to find the right one for me. I have read a lot and me informed.
(Many thanks synonymous s.das Slashcam team.)

I have a budget of around 500th - ¬ and have the JVC GZ HD 30 or the Panasonic HDC SD 100 taken in the eye.
Has anyone experience with the two cams?
I'm basically Beginners, wants not only the silver anniversary of filming Aunt Erna, etc., but even Fiilme artistically beautiful.
'd Be glad about a few opinions!




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I think the Pana offers more for their money, but you still have several SD cards and further reinstate in their presumably synonymous one CUDA graphics card with the corresponding nonlinear editing software, or make the AVCHD cutting is not really fun.


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