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Frage von matze-billi:

I have a JVC KM-3000 has this as I could see so YUV Y RY BY inputs.

Now I would like to use any standard cameras with composite or S-Video (Y / C) output that is possible in any way?

Or I would need cameras with YUV outputs, but I've seen so far no such cameras.

Where possible, a favorable solution.

MFG Matze-Billi


Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

The KM-3000 only works with YUV. But even if you are with the fried YUV You'll still have another problem:

You need synchronized cameras. (Keyword: black burst)

Say: Some connect any camera just like that (even if it has YUV) will not work.

Ne possibility is a transducer with built-in frame doors ... but the same time you kost nen 1000 per camera.

To that extent, hands off of those mixers ... even if they are cheap and look important. The only function correctly with big professional cameras. Buys you prefer nen mixer with eingbauten TBC's (Panasonic, Datavideo, Edirol ...) to work immediately with any composite or Y / C - source.

markus ... :-)


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